You Can Book Dental Checkups For Yourself And Your Kids

Can you really count on one dental practice to provide oral health support for everyone in your family? By finding an office prepared to help everyone in your household, you can make arranging and attending routine dental exams easier, which means you are less likely to fall out of the habit of scheduling them. Our Rochester, MN dentists’ office is ready to help patients of all ages. While we provide consistent support for both kids and adults, we recognize that they can have different needs. To address those needs, we can tailor our care so that the person in the dentist’s chair receives the kind of support capable of helping them maintain a truly healthy and lovely smile!

Our Practice Can Help Everyone In Your Family Maintain Healthy Teeth

Once a child’s first teeth begin to arrive, they have to worry about problems with cavities, just as you need to worry about the impact that cavities can have on your own smile. While people of all ages face the familiar threats of dental decay and gum disease, kids have an additional hurdle they need to clear. To properly protect their teeth and gums, they need to learn the steps and the value of a good oral hygiene routine! During their visits, we help kids gain an understanding of preventive dental care, and we help our adult patients by keeping them informed about changes in their well-being and areas of concern.

The Importance Of Dental Checkups At An Early Age

Dental visits at an early age give kids a chance to grow comfortable in the dentist’s chair, and they give you important updates about the way their oral structures continue to grow and develop. During these appointments, we can start instructing kids on good oral hygiene habits once they are old enough to start appreciating these lessons. To help them stay cavity-free as they are learning, we can provide dental sealants and fluoride treatments. In cases where kids do develop cavities, we can safely restore their teeth with dental fillings or dental crowns that protect them from discomfort and the developmental issues untreated cavities can cause.

Make Sure You Continue To Schedule Checkups For Yourself!

While you may have more experience with preventive dental care than your kids, you can still experience problems over time if you are not consistently practicing good oral hygiene. At your own appointments, we provide dedicated teeth cleanings as well as checks for problems that can worsen in time if not caught. With restorations like our same-day dental crowns, we can make sure any oral health troubles you face are properly treated without changing your smile.

Schedule Dental Care For Your Family At Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry!

At our Rochester, MN dentists’ office, patients of all ages in and around our community can come to us for important oral health support! To learn more about our practice, and the procedures we can offer, please call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry at (507) 281-3659.