What Dental Implants Do To Help You Recover From Tooth Loss

The impact that tooth loss has on a person’s life can be difficult to overstate. When people imagine life with an incomplete smile, they may focus so much on how this problem might change how they look that they fail to consider how it can change their oral health. Our teeth depend on their neighbors to help keep them in place when they absorb pressure whenever you bite and chew. A tooth next to a gap is more likely to begin loosening, which can lead to its eventual loss. If you try to work around a gap left by tooth loss, you can put more strain on your jaw than you realize, and you can overuse your remaining teeth, leading to more friction and more problems. The good news is that with a dental implant, you can support a lifelike prosthetic that restores your smile and also helps you regain confidence in your dental function! Our Rochester, MN dentists’ office is ready to meet with you and discuss the benefits of moving forward with treatment for tooth loss.

The Upsetting Effects Of Tooth Loss

All it takes is one lost tooth to create several problems for your oral health. Even if you can hide a gap in your smile without difficulty, it can be difficult to adjust to biting and chewing without discomfort. Unfortunately, a change in your bite function can lead to mounting stress on your jaw joints and muscles that will affect you over time. Making your remaining teeth do more work to offset this change can also be a problem. As these teeth wear down from increased friction, it may become harder to avoid problems that call for dental fillings and dental crowns to restore them.

How Do Dental Implants Help Patients?

Dental implants are used to hold prosthetic teeth in place. They are actually placed in the jawbone, where they fill the space formerly occupied by the roots of your now-lost tooth. Your dentist will take care to evaluate you and identify just the right position for this post. You will also go through a review to make sure you are a good candidate for treatment and ready to move forward. An implant does more than just keep a tooth in the same spot throughout the day. They provide enough of a hold to allow you to safely bite and chew with your replacement tooth. In addition to making these tasks more comfortable, this will stimulate your jawbone to keep it from deteriorating.

Am I Ready To Receive Dental Implants?

During a review, your dentist will confirm that you are ready to schedule implant placement. One issue to watch out for is jawbone deterioration – if you waited to schedule treatment, this may be a problem that needs to be addressed before you can move forward with care. We may also recommend treatment if gum disease affects the area being restored.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist About Dental Implants!

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