3 Consequences Of Tooth Loss You’ll Want To Avoid

If you do nothing about tooth loss, you can leave yourself stuck with problems that affect your bite and appearance. You also make yourself vulnerable to new issues that can arise in time. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office can talk with you about restoring your smile with dental implant-held restorations. Through implant dentistry, it is possible to permanently secure a tooth with a titanium post that is set directly into your jawbone. The implant itself will act as a sort of artificial root, as it keeps the tooth secure against your jawbone and stimulates the bone to preserve its density. After having your implant restored with a custom dental crown, you can move on from the different problems created by tooth loss!

1. Problems With Biting And Chewing

You only need to lose one tooth to find yourself unable to bite and chew in a way that feels truly comfortable. A single gap in your smile can force you to change how you apply pressure when biting down; in time, that compromised movement can cause excess wear and tear for remaining teeth, and it can make you vulnerable to chronic jaw pain. If bite difficulties over time change what foods you are comfortable eating, you can find it more difficult to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

2. A Loss Of Jawbone Mass

If you have missing teeth, or if you use a prosthetic appliance that is not secured to a dental implant to close a smile gap, you will experience problems with a loss of density in your jawbone over time. That lack of density creates oral health concerns while also changing your appearance! After you have a dental implant placed and restored, you can protect the bone by stimulating it whenever you bite and chew!

3. Losing More Teeth!

Your teeth receive support from their roots, which are firmly set into your jawbone, but they also count on each other for support. If a tooth’s neighbor is missing, it is more likely to become unstable over time. Ignoring tooth loss can actually raise your risk for losing more teeth over time. Fortunately, you can deal with the matter with a dental implant-held restoration. The prosthetic will support its neighbors, and the implant itself can help by keeping neighboring roots stable.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist About Addressing Tooth Loss

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry is ready to take on problems with tooth loss! Meet with us to learn how prosthetic treatment with dental implants can restore your appearance and bite function. We also provide a variety of services to help you maintain a quality smile, restore problems with teeth, and improve the way you look! To find out more, call our dentist’s office in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.