Month: December 2020

Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry? Schedule A Consultation!

Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office offers complimentary cosmetic consultations to patients. We make these appointments available because we understand that while cosmetic dentistry can be intriguing, it can be hard to commit to a procedure when you still have questions. At your visit, you can raise those questions, and you can also hear helpful information… Read more »

Starting 2021 With Exciting Plans For Cosmetic Dental Work

With the new year less than a week away, many people are thinking about what resolutions are really worth making. If you are someone who feels self-conscious about their smile, you can benefit from looking into cosmetic dentistry in 2021! With just one procedure, you can see big changes that dramatically improve the way you… Read more »

What Bad Breath Can Mean (And What To Do About It)

Bad breath may seem like a pretty small problem in the scale of things, but no problem is small when it directly affects you, your colleagues and those you love. Being a little further apart from friends may have pushed smelly breath down your list of “Things To Tackle in 2021”, but your Rochester, MN,… Read more »

A Same-Day Crown Can Imitate The Look Of Your Restored Tooth

Remaining patient can be difficult when you are undergoing work to restore your smile and oral health. When a person needs treatment to restore a tooth that is damaged, or badly affected by decay, they can be stuck waiting for the creation of a custom dental crown before their smile is properly restored. At other… Read more »

Change Your Smile With A Conservative Bonding Treatment

Should you be intimidated by the work involved in a cosmetic dental procedure? How long or involved will treatment be if you want to improve your smile? At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we provide multiple treatment options for people who want to improve the way they look. One conservative procedure we can offer is… Read more »

Learn How Veneers Can Benefit Your Smile At A Consultation

When you see how much someone’s smile has improved with the placement of porcelain veneers, you can be eager to learn what veneers can do for you. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we can actually talk with you about the benefits of restoring your teeth with veneers, or performing another procedure to improve your… Read more »

3 Things You Ought To Know About Dental Discoloration

It can be hard to deal with dental discoloration without turning to your dentist for help. While this is a problem that affects many people, it is one that can be tough to remedy when you only rely on your daily oral hygiene routine or store bought whitening agents. A change in your dietary habits… Read more »

Arranging A Smile-Friendly Treatment For A Cavity

Whenever a cavity forms on a patient’s tooth, restorative dental work will have to occur to stop damage from spreading further. Cavities may start small, but when they are not treated they will worsen, causing more damage to your enamel before causing more concerning issues by infiltrating your tooth and causing an infection. Fortunately, the… Read more »

Stress-Related Teeth Grinding Can Affect Your Smile

The holidays can be full of fun, but seasonal stress can affect many of us. One of the responses people have to increased stress is the onset of teeth grinding. You can catch yourself grinding or clenching during the day, or you can have trouble with this issue while you sleep. If it is not… Read more »

Your Options For Addressing A Gap Between Teeth

Are your teeth aligned properly, or do you have frustrating issues with smile gaps or overlaps that affect your appearance? For many people with malocclusion, the presence of a noticeable gap can cause discomfort, as this flaw can seem to dominate your smile. Fortunately, there are different treatment options available for those who are bothered… Read more »