You Can Receive A Filling That Matches Your Tooth Color

Will the formation of a cavity ruin your smile? Cavities do cause permanent damage to your tooth structure. To address this, your dentist will have to restore the tooth by placing a dental filling or dental crown. If you are only familiar with metal fillings, you may believe that treatment must end with a conspicuous restoration on your tooth. You can be happy to know that at our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we actually use a composite resin material to create fillings that match your enamel. When one has been put in place, it will restore your tooth’s health without changing the way it looks! We also have technology in our office that lets us produce dental crowns that match the look and color of a healthy tooth.

When Is It Necessary For Your Dentist To Place A Dental Filling?

A restoration has to be placed to restore a tooth that has developed a cavity. This occurs as a response to the destruction caused by decay. Unfortunately, our teeth are not able to heal naturally after we develop cavities. To address this, permanent restorations are used to protect you against infection, and to make sure you can still bite and chew while putting pressure on the tooth in question. Fillings are often used during cavity treatment. If decay is identified during a dental checkup, the area where your cavity formed will be removed and “filled” to return your tooth to good health. Cavities that are too large to be treated with fillings make treatment with a crown necessary.

What Can Happen If You Ignore The Need For Cavity Treatment?

If you let a cavity go untreated, bacteria will be able to spread and do more harm to your oral health. After the bacteria gain access to the inner chamber of the tooth, known as the pulp, the matter will call for root canal therapy. Letting the problem continue to worsen can actually cost you your tooth! To avoid this issue, make sure you consistently see your dentist for preventive care. By doing so, a problem can be identified and treated so that no infection occurs.

We Also Provide Lifelike Dental Crowns

In addition to restoring teeth with lifelike fillings, we also use crowns to protect and restore teeth. CEREC technology enables us to produce crowns that look like natural teeth at our office, so we can have your smile fully restored in as little as one day. Crowns also help take care of teeth that are physically harmed, or those that are naturally misshapen or undersized.

Your Rochester, MN Dentist Can Restore Your Tooth With A Durable, Discreet Filling

If you need treatment for tooth decay, know that our practice is ready to remove a cavity and restore your tooth with a lifelike filling! To find out more, call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.