Will Better Smile Care Benefit Your General Health?

What are you accomplishing when you stick to a good oral hygiene routine? Consistent brushing and flossing, along with smart dieting, can have obvious benefits for your smile. You can protect yourself against tooth decay and gum disease, and you can limit your exposure to particles that can stain your teeth. What you might not realize is that your efforts to care for your smile also benefit your general well-being. When you protect yourself against gum disease and tooth decay, you avoid problems that can have more significant impacts on your overall health than you may realize. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office can help you sustain a healthy smile during your regular dental exams. We can also make sure that problems you do experience are promptly addressed to stop them from worsening.

The Overall Importance Of Your Oral Health

When we practice good oral hygiene, we fight the buildup of bacteria in our mouths that are responsible for causing cavities and gum disease. Poor oral hygiene can lead to the formation of both conditions, and that can make you vulnerable to the further spread of harmful bacteria. For gum disease in particular, an unresolved problem can lead to complications. Advanced gum disease can make it harder for you to manage certain conditions, and may put you at higher risk for heart disease!

Problems With Gum Disease Can Have Serious Consequences

If you are only familiar with gingivitis, you may not realize just how serious gum disease can become. In time, an infection can worsen and become hard to manage. At this stage, the damage to tissues that support your teeth can be serious enough to cause tooth loss. You also become vulnerable to difficulties with your general health, as the bacteria beneath your gum line can spread and create new problems for you.

Protect Your Smile By Sticking To Smart Habits

While it can be alarming to think about the long-term consequences of gum disease, you should know that good daily habits will keep you safe from harm. One thing to remember is that when your daily routine includes flossing, it can remove bacteria and food debris from every part of your smile. This lowers your risk for tooth decay as well as gum disease. By maintaining these habits, and seeing your dentist for routine checkups, you are less likely to have serious oral health consequences, just as you are less likely to experience dental troubles that require dental fillings or dental crowns.

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry Helps Rochester, MN Families Maintain Healthy Smiles

When you take good care of your smile, you protect more than just your teeth and gums from harm! To learn more about the connection between your oral and general health, or to set up your next routine dental exam, please call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.