Oral Health Services That Keep Kids Cavity-Free

Protecting your child’s smile is important, and it will remain important through the years even as they take on more responsibility for their oral hygiene. At first, parents directly protect kids against decay by gently cleaning their teeth for them. As they grow up, kids can develop the coordination and maturity needed to stick with a good dental care routine. While good practices at home are important, remember that you are not the only one who can help your kids protect their teeth. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we can take care of our youngest patients during every one of their visits. In addition to providing the kind of routine care that adults enjoy during their dental exams, we can tailor care to the needs of kids at different ages.

Cavities Can Affect People At Any Age

Once a person’s teeth begin to arrive, they will be vulnerable to tooth decay. It is usually around the ages of six and seven that kids are old enough to brush and floss for themselves. Until then, parents must carefully clean their teeth to keep them safe against decay. Making sure your child is comfortable with oral hygiene practices, while also encouraging them to see these practices as important, can help them take on the responsibility when they are older.

Arranging Pediatric Dental Exams

While a child’s first appearance at the dentist’s office can focus on helping them feel comfortable in a new environment, their visits will become more like the regular checkups adults receive when they are older. With that said, there are certain practices we can follow to make sure kids are enjoying healthy teeth. As they reach the age when they can brush and floss for themselves, your dentist can provide guidance on these practices, and help walk them through it. We can also introduce fluoride treatments and dental sealants to help them stay cavity-free as they grow up.

Make Sure You Encourage Kids To Follow Good Habits At Home

Even after they become responsible for their own brushing and flossing, kids will still depend on their parents for help with oral hygiene. Set a good example by taking your own oral health care seriously. This benefits them, and it makes you less susceptible to problems that require dental fillings or dental crowns. You should also encourage them to develop eating habits that are better for their teeth. Limiting their sugar, and encouraging a more nutrient-rich diet, can help keep kids’ smiles strong and healthy!

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist About Helping Your Kids Stay Cavity-Free

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