Using A Same-Day Crown To Restore A Chipped Tooth

When your tooth is chipped, you can be bothered by more than just pain. Visible signs of dental damage can be a big problem for your appearance, which can motivate you to have the appropriate restorative dental work completed as promptly as possible. Many physical injuries will require the placement of dental crowns. At other practice, this can mean visiting the dentist on at least two occasions to complete treatment. However, you can shorten your treatment time when you visit our Rochester, MN dentist’s office. We use CEREC technology to produce same-day dental crowns for patients. This technology gives us the tools to measure a tooth, design a custom restoration, and produce a crown made from lifelike and durable ceramic in the course of just one visit!

Your Tooth Can Be Fully Restored In Less Time Than You Expect

It is important to have a tooth carefully examined and treated after a physical injury. A chipped tooth may have experienced more than just a change in its appearance. In some cases, injuries will lead to the need for root canal therapy, as internal damage may have occurred. It can also take a dental crown to ensure that you can still bite and chew without some discomfort. Because we use technology in our office to design and create crowns on-site, we can make sure that you receive the right care will still bringing down your treatment time.

Creating And Placing Your Same-Day Crown

After checking on the condition of your tooth, your dentist can start making plans to restore it with your custom crown. CAD/CAM technology allows us to take digital measurements of the tooth, which are used to create a restoration that will fit comfortably and look natural. Once the information has been digitally gathered, and used to design your crown, an on-site milling machine will produce it so that it is ready to be placed. When you leave the office, you can feel comfortable biting, chewing, and smiling thanks to your CEREC crown!

Can Your Tooth Be Restored With A Cosmetic Procedure?

It is not always necessary to use a restorative treatment to take care of an injured tooth. After an evaluation, we may find that the problem can be fully resolved with a more conservative cosmetic treatment. Chips can be addressed with porcelain veneers, which only cover the front surfaces of teeth instead of completely enveloping them. We can also discuss the potential benefits of dental bonding. Bonding procedures do not call for the placement of restorations. What we will instead do is restore the tooth’s appearance with a special resin material that bonds to your enamel.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist About Restoring Your Chipped Tooth

If you chip, crack, or otherwise hurt your tooth, prompt care can address any oral health issues while also restoring the quality of your smile. To learn more, call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.