Make Sure You See A Dentist If You Crack Your Tooth

If you crack your tooth, how worried should you really be? There are several reasons to treat this as a serious problem. One is that the tooth can remain cracked, as our enamel is able to do little to self-repair after harm occurs. Another worry you should have is that the tooth may become infected because of your injury. If this occurs, you can develop pain and sensitivity issues, and you also run the risk of losing the tooth! At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we are prepared to address problems with cracked teeth. If an infection develops, root canal therapy allows us to remove harmful bacteria and damaged tissues before restoring the tooth with a dental crown. Our use of CEREC technology can make treatment more convenient than you expect, as we have the means to place a permanent restoration in as little as one appointment.

How Serious Is A Problem With A Cracked Tooth?

If your tooth is cracked, restorative dental work can be necessary in order to hide the damage and protect you from further harm. The longer you wait to have this work done, the more likely you are to experience complications that impact your smile and well-being. The harm done to your enamel can make it difficult to bite and chew, and you may end up doing more damage over time if the tooth is not protected with a restoration. Your injury also makes you vulnerable to an infection which must be treated through root canal therapy.

Your Tooth May Develop An Infection After Being Injured

Infections often occur gradually because of increasing harm from dental decay. However, they can also form when a tooth is physically injured. If you let a cracked tooth go untreated, there is more time for bacteria to enter the tooth through the opening left by damage. Until treatment occurs, bacteria can continue to spread and move through the roots of a tooth. Eventually, this problem can become so serious that the tooth cannot be saved!

Your Tooth And Smile Can Be Restored With A Same-Day Crown

The same-day crowns we use to treat injuries and cavities are able to match the shape, size, and look of a healthy tooth. This means that when placed, the crown can restore your smile as well as the tooth itself. A CEREC crown is designed after your tooth is digitally measured. When the design is ready, an in-office milling machine will produce the restoration so that it can be capped on your tooth.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist’s Office About Your Cracked Tooth

If you crack your tooth, make sure you have your dentist treat it as soon as possible. The more time you wait for treatment, the more likely you are to experience complications! To learn more about our services, call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN at (507) 281-3659.