Is Enamel Erosion Changing Your Risk For Cavities?

Aging makes physical changes inevitable, but you can still make smart choices to slow the effects of time on your physical health. To keep your body in good health, you can focus on smart dieting, enjoying a healthy amount of rest each night, and exercising regularly. To keep your smile in good condition, make sure you stay consistent with routine dental exams, limit your sugar consumption, and have a good brushing and flossing routine in place. If you want to further protect your smile over the years, make sure you also take care to limit the erosion of your enamel. While some erosion can be unavoidable, the effect of this change can become more serious, or occur at an earlier age, if you make the wrong choices. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office can help you understand how enamel erosion affects your cavity risk, and what you can do to limit it.

Your Natural Defense Against Cavities Can Change Over Time

Diet changes, fluctuations in your routine, and your physical health can change how difficult it might be for you to prevent cavities over time. One issue in particular that can affect your cavity resistance is enamel erosion. Because biting and chewing create frequent issues with friction on your teeth, this erosion can be difficult to avoid completely. Unfortunately, as it occurs, it can weaken your natural resistance to cavities, and may also affect your confidence in the way you look.

What Can I Do To Limit My Risk For Enamel Erosion?

Two behaviors to watch out for if you want to avoid enamel erosion are teeth grinding and aggressive brushing. People who brush aggressively may be surprised at how they are wearing down their teeth, as they may believe they are simply putting in more work to clean their smile. Forceful brush strokes are not going to remove tartar, and a relatively light touch can effectively remove plaque and food debris. If you grind your teeth, you wear them down, and also increase your risk for dental damage that can require dental crowns.

Certain changes in your diet can also help you limit erosion. While cutting sugar is important, you should also be cautious about how many acidic foods and beverages you consume. These products can weaken the surface of your teeth, giving you less natural defense against the buildup of teeth stains, cavities, and other issues.

Rely On Routine Exams To Stay Informed About Your Smile

Make sure you stay informed about the state of your smile with regular dental exams. At these appointments, you receive updates on more than just problems with tooth decay. Through your regular reviews, you can receive feedback about your periodontal health, the general condition of your enamel, and more!

Your Rochester, MN Dentist’s Office Can Help You Stay Safe From Cavities

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