Can You Protect Your Smile By Cutting Caffeine?

Consistent oral hygiene and regular trips for routine dental checkups are important, but the benefits of both can be negatively affected if you maintain a poor diet. One thing to consider is the potential impact that your caffeine consumption is having on your smile. Many drinks feature some caffeine, and you may rely on more than one for energy or refreshment during a typical day. Unfortunately, these drinks can spell trouble for your smile. Coffee and tea can both cause teeth stains, and they may lead to issues with dry mouth that impair your natural cavity defense. Beverages that contain caffeine and sugar, like soft drinks and flavored coffees, can make you vulnerable to teeth stains and decay. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office can help you identify beneficial changes in your life if you want to protect your smile!

How Much Caffeine Do You Typically Consume?

If you are bothered by a gradual change in the color of your teeth, or if you have recently received a dental filling or dental crown because of a cavity, a change in your daily habits can be helpful. People who brush and floss consistently, while also staying on top of their dental health needs at checkups, will still have problems because of their diet. While moderation can help you control your risks, frequent caffeine users can have more exposure to products that leave behind particles that stain teeth. They may also expose themselves to more sugar than they realize.

Check The Amount Of Sugar In Your Favorite Caffeinated Drink

While soda is not always a go-to drink for those in need of energy, it is frequently enjoyed during meals. In addition to caffeine, non-diet colas are high in sugar, and what makes them a potential problem for dental decay. Even diet beverages can affect your risk for cavities, as their acidity is able to weaken enamel over time.

Increase Your Water Intake To Protect Your Teeth

When you choose water over a caffeinated drink, you can enjoy refreshment and more hydration support. Water is free of sugar and particles that stain teeth. It also helps you wash away food debris that may become stuck in the course of a meal. By drinking water more often, and improving your hydration levels, you can have an easier time avoiding dry mouth. Problems with saliva production affect your oral health because saliva plays an important role in fighting bacteria.

Count On Smile Care From Your Rochester, MN Dentist’s Office

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