Month: July 2020

How Good Habits At The Start Of Your Day Protect Your Smile

For many people, sticking to a consistent morning routine is important if they want to have a proper beginning to their day. While some people are more prepared to start their day upon waking than others, you should have a routine in place that includes time for good oral hygiene. Thoroughly brushing your teeth during… Read more »

Make Sure You See A Dentist If You Crack Your Tooth

If you crack your tooth, how worried should you really be? There are several reasons to treat this as a serious problem. One is that the tooth can remain cracked, as our enamel is able to do little to self-repair after harm occurs. Another worry you should have is that the tooth may become infected… Read more »

Are Your Gums Healthy? Watch For Symptoms Of Gingivitis

Cavities are a big concern if you want to maintain a healthy smile, but remember that decay is not the only problem that can affect your oral health. You also need to be concerned with the potential effect that gum disease can have on your well-being. While a problem with gingivitis can be resolved through… Read more »

Do I Really Need To Check On My Kids When They Brush?

At a certain age, children will have the coordination to start brushing and flossing their teeth without the support of their parents. Take care to show your kids what a good brushing routine looks and feels like before they start caring for their teeth on their own. That way, they have a clear understanding of… Read more »

What Can I Do To Prevent Dental Discoloration?

By keeping your teeth bright, you can ensure that your teeth continue to look youthful and healthy. While consistent brushing and flossing will help you fight the buildup of particles on teeth that cause stains, it can be difficult to keep them at their ideal shade if you are not careful with your diet choices…. Read more »

Correct Bad Brushing Habits Before You Develop A Cavity

Would you rather fix a mistake before it causes a problem for your health, or after? When it comes to matters of oral hygiene, people sometimes grow so comfortable in their routine that they do not notice when they pick up small mistakes. This is why someone who is confident that their teeth are healthy… Read more »

What Can Dental Implants Offer Patients?

When you start looking into treatment options that can restore your complete smile, you may develop questions about dental implants. What is it about implants that help patients recover from tooth loss, and what can it do for your oral health? Through the placement of implants, it is possible to keep restorations securely in position…. Read more »

Take Care When Removing Food Wedged Between Teeth

Usually, a piece of food wedged between teeth can be easily removed with dental floss. While you should have floss on hand for daily care, not just for moments like this, it can be a relief to have it on hand when you feel something stuck in place. So what should you do if floss… Read more »

Dealing With The Loss Of A Dental Crown

In the event that you lose a dental crown, a replacement will be necessary. The placement of a crown is not meant to be a temporary solution for a problem with your oral health. Unfortunately, our teeth cannot heal themselves after suffering the effects of an injury or a cavity; this is why dental fillings… Read more »

What To Expect When You Need A Dental Filling

While a dental filling is a conservative restoration, it has an important responsibility. Even a small cavity does permanent damage to your tooth structure, which is why treatment ends with the placement of a filling or a dental crown. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office uses a composite resin material to create fillings that bond to… Read more »