How Concerned Should I Be About One Missing Tooth?

Tooth loss can cause an immediate, alarming change in both your smile and dental function. If the presence of a gap is visible when you smile or speak, it can become difficult to do either with any real confidence. Even if the problem has not affected your appearance, it can still interfere with the way you bite, chew, and speak. In other words, one missing tooth is a concern, one that you should certainly address! At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we are prepared to restore patients’ incomplete smiles through implant dentistry. With an implant-held prosthetic appliance, you can enjoy both a cosmetic and functional improvement. You can speak and smile comfortably, as your smile will appear complete, and you can trust the restoration to support your bite function.

Tooth Loss Can Create Frustrating Long-Term Problems For Your Dental Function

While the immediate concerns you have about tooth loss are valid, you should be aware of how this problem affects you over time. The absence of a single tooth can interfere with your bite function in ways that make your oral health harder to manage. Your remaining teeth will have to provide more biting and chewing support, and this can lead to an increase in wear and tear. An adjusted bite can also put more pressure on your joints and muscles, which can lead to chronic pain. It should be noted that when one tooth is missing, its neighbors receive less structural support, which makes you more susceptible to losing them as well.

Dental Implants Offer Permanent Support For A Restoration

A dental implant is set in place at the location of your lost tooth roots. Once the placement process has occurred, a healing period will see the bone fuse with this post. With this in place, it is possible to give a replacement tooth the kind of support that natural teeth enjoy from their roots. You can trust the dental crown affixed to your implant to help you bite and chew food. In the long term, the implant will provide stimulation that helps your jawbone retain its health and density, which keeps it from deteriorating and creating more oral health issues.

Addressing Problems That Developed After Tooth Loss

If you have spent an extended period of time working around tooth loss, you may have teeth that appear worn, or are generally in worse health. During an evaluation with your dentist, problems can be identified that require the placement of a permanent restoration. Because we provide same-day dental crowns, this work can be completed in less time, and it can preserve the appearance of these teeth.

Discuss Prosthetic Dental Work With Your Rochester, MN Dentist’s Office

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