Don’t Let Dehydration Make Trouble For Your Smile

fighting dehydration with waterThere are certain common mistakes that people tend to make before they start to experience problems with their oral health. You may be less than surprised to encounter someone who develops a cavity when they cut back on brushing and flossing, or when someone starts to struggle with their dental health after skipping their routine dental exams. However, you might not realize that dehydration can potentially impact your ability to maintain a healthy smile! When a person is dehydrated, they have a more difficult time producing saliva throughout the day, and that leaves them less protected against the buildup of oral bacteria. It can also make it harder to keep your teeth clean between brushing sessions. You can count on important support from our Rochester, MN dentist’s office during routine dental checkups. Make sure you do your part between appointments by regularly cleaning your teeth, eating a smart diet, and consuming a healthy amount of water!

Dehydration, Dry Mouth, And Your Oral Health

When a person is frequently dehydrated, their body can respond by constricting their saliva production. If you have problems with dehydration, you can be familiar with a sticky, dried out feeling in your mouth. This problem is more than just a cause for discomfort. Saliva production helps us break down food, and it makes it easier for us to wash away bits of food debris that may become stuck to teeth when we eat. It is also helpful because it can neutralize bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease!

How Your Daily Choices Impact Your Smile

For many people, dry mouth can be addressed through an effort to drink more water during the day. This is one of many daily behaviors that can have a positive impact on your smile. Water is more than just a way to stay hydrated – as a substitute for soft drinks and other flavored beverages, it also makes it easier for you to cut down on sugar! Through better diet choices and consistent oral hygiene efforts, you can fight the buildup of plaque before you experience problems with gingivitis, tartar buildup, or tooth decay.

Combining Smart Daily Care With Professional Dental Exams

Better oral hygiene helps you avoid problems that require professional dental care. That being said, you should not conclude that you have no need to worry about regular exams because you believe in your current routine! At regular checkups, your hygienist has the opportunity to clear away tartar and plaque deposits you have missed. You also receive a careful oral examination from your dentist, which can lead to the placement of a dental filling on a cavity before advanced decay affects you.

Our Rochester, MN Dentist’s Office Can Help You Keep Your Smile In Great Shape!

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