Will I Need To Replace A Dental Crown Or Filling?

young black woman pondering a questionIf your smile is affected by dental decay or physical trauma, a permanent dental restoration will be required in order to keep a tooth safe. Unfortunately, our teeth can experience irreversible damage even from a cavity caught in its early stages. Fortunately, the modern restorations provided at our Rochester, MN dentist’s office can offer lasting support to keep teeth safe from further troubles! Dental fillings and dental crowns can be made from materials that are strong enough to protect teeth while also imitating healthy enamel. While restorations are supposed to be permanent, poor hygiene and injuries can make it necessary to replace them. Patients also sometimes require replacements for older restorations that have become worn down over time. If a problem with a crown or filling is identified during a routine dental exam, your dentist can tell you about it and let you know what can be done to protect your tooth.

A Restoration Should Provide Long-Term Support For A Tooth

Teeth that are damaged will not be able to heal themselves, which means it will always be necessary to have support from a filling or crown. With that in mind, care is taken to craft restorations that are up to the challenge of providing bite support and protection against friction from chewing. It is worth noting that your tooth enamel is also supposed to remain healthy over your lifetime, but problems do sometimes occur that require your dentist’s attention. This can happen with restorations, too.

Pay Attention To Signs Of Trouble With An Older Filling Or Crown

If you start to feel uncomfortable with an older filling or crown, if you have a restoration that seems loose, or if you no longer trust one to provide biting and chewing support, you should let your dentist know. Older restorations that become damaged or misshapen can provide insufficient support for a tooth, and make it vulnerable to further harm. If you have an older restoration made from metal material, it can be replaced with one made from a lifelike substance that improves your smile.

A New Restoration Can Provide Functional And Cosmetic Improvements

Modern restorations can be made to match the texture and color of healthy enamel. Fillings made from composite resin can provide cosmetic benefits, and they can bond directly with your teeth. If you have a need for a new dental crown, we can use CEREC technology in our office to provide a lifelike appliance in as little as one day!

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist’s Office About Concerns Over An Older Filling Or Crown

At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, you can have a problem with an older filling or crown addressed to ensure that your tooth remains safe and secure! To find out more about our services, call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry at (507) 281-3659.