Can Aging Make It More Difficult To Prevent Cavities?

happy senior couple caring for their teethStaying healthy as you age can demand changes to your diet, and to your exercise habits. While changes in your well-being are inevitable over time, the right responses to aging can help you prolong your health and avoid problems. Should you think about making changes to your oral health care routine over time? Can a person’s age affect their relative risk for tooth decay and other dental problems? Your enamel can remain strong throughout your lifetime, but gradual wear and tear, diet changes, and even changes brought on by certain medications can impact your chances of experiencing decay. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office can help patients stay on top of their dental health over time by providing important and consistent preventive dental services. This support, combined with good daily habits, can help you avoid cavity risks!

Good Dental Care Can Benefit People Of All Ages

Cavities should be a concern for a person at any age. After all, decay does permanent damage to a person’s tooth structure, and it can lead to potential health complications if your tooth develops an infection. Regular dental visits benefit children and adults, and so do good habits at home. In other words, no matter what your age is, you should make smile care a priority for the sake of your appearance and well-being.

Have Recent Changes Affected Your Relative Cavity Risk?

Changes in your health and habits can create issues for your smile’s health. One thing to watch out for is dry mouth, which can be a side effect of some medications. When dry mouth affects a person, it limits their body’s ability to fight oral bacteria with saliva flow. If the problem is not being managed, you can have less natural protection against decay throughout your typical day. Some changes that affect you can be more gradual. A history of dental wear and tear can cause you to lose layers of your enamel, which can it harder for your teeth to avoid cavity troubles. Of course, some changes can have an obvious impact on you. For example, changes in your diet that affect your exposure to sugar may influence how likely you are to have troubles with cavities over time.

Your Periodontal Health Can Have A Long-Term Impact On Your Smile

A person’s history with poor periodontal health can have potentially serious consequences. If gingivitis is addressed in time, an infection can be stopped before a condition becomes permanent. However, if the matter is not addressed in time, periodontitis – a more serious infection – can become a lasting issue. This problem can raise your risk for losing teeth as you age, and it can make you more likely to have general health problems, including problems with your heart health!

Our Rochester, MN Dentist’s Office Can Help Patients Of All Ages Care For Their Teeth

Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office has experience taking care of patients of all ages in and around our community. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you preserve your smile, please call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry at (507) 281-3659.