Make Sure You Take Good Care Of Your Smile Before Bed

senior couple caring for their teeth at nightWinding down at the end of your night can be a relaxing experience, but it is one that should include time for dedicated oral health care. By cleaning your teeth thoroughly before you rest, you can have an easier time avoiding future problems that might require dental work. Unfortunately, people sometimes rush through brushing and flossing, or skip these habits completely, on nights where they feel tired or distracted. Doing this can raise your risk for tartar buildup, even if you feel you are only guilty of this infrequently. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office is prepared to address oral health issues that affect you, but we also encourage and support our patients so that they can avoid these problems.

Oral Bacteria Can Multiply While You Sleep

Why do people so often feel embarrassed by strong, unpleasant mouth odors in the mornings? This problem of “morning breath” can be the result of oral bacteria that build up overnight. While you sleep, your body slows its production of saliva. A reduction of this fluid makes it more difficult for your body to naturally fight the growth and spread of harmful microbes in your mouth. Thoroughly brushing and flossing before bed can remove these agents before you rest, so there are fewer issues with bacteria that can occur.

Does Fatigue Sometimes Affect Your Ability To Thoroughly Brush And Floss?

Problems with sleep deprivation, sleep apnea, or stress can affect a person’s energy levels. If you are struggling with these problems, it may be why you sometimes feel too tired to focus on properly cleaning your teeth. Stress management during the day, and in the evenings, can help you if you are having trouble sleeping. If these problems have been longstanding concerns, or if you feel unable to deal with them through changes in your routine, you may want to bring them up with a professional.

Tips For Helping Kids Care For Their Teeth Before Bed

Encouraging your kids to take care of their teeth before they go to sleep can help them develop good oral health habits, and it can protect them from problems that require attention from their dentist. If your kids are just starting to take care of their teeth on their own, you may want to brush and floss with them, or at least model these behaviors so that they can follow your lead. The right habits, when developed at an early age, can make it easier for kids to grow up with healthy smiles!

Enjoy Quality Oral Health Care From Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry

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