3 Diet Changes That Can Cut Down On Your Sugar Intake

The right approach to oral health care should focus on consistent and thorough practices to brush and floss your teeth. These efforts protect you against the oral bacteria that can gather and multiply on your smile, and also help you fight the accumulation of food particles that can serve as food sources for these bacteria. With that said, you can do more than just floss and brush your teeth if you want to maintain good oral health! The choices you make regarding your diet, particularly those choices that affect your sugar intake, can interfere with your cavity risk. Your Rochester, MN dentist’s office has helped patients avoid problems requiring restorative dental work by offering tips on smart habits, as well as by providing routine cleanings and evaluations at regular checkups.

1. Swap Water For Soft Drinks At Meals

Water is more than just a sugarless beverage choice. When you drink it with a meal, you can rely on it to clear away food particles that might become stuck to your smile. Water is also non-acidic, so it will not weaken your tooth enamel. The weakening effect of acidic foods and drinks can put your at greater risk for cavities and also for the buildup of teeth stains. If you have access to water sources that contain fluoride, more water in your diet can make it easier for your enamel to naturally resist decay.

2. Take Time To Plan And Pack Healthy Snacks

The right snacks can help you cut back on sugar, and generally curb your appetite without putting your teeth at risk. Unfortunately, relatively healthy snacks can be harder to find if you rely on a vending machine or drive-thru for sustenance. In addition to planning meals, plan your snack choices in order to better protect your smile.

3. Be Careful About What You Eat During Holiday Gatherings

While holiday gatherings tend to be a great way to bond with friends and family members, they can also put you in contact with enticing sugary treats. Even this short spike in your sugar consumption can affect your potential risk for tooth decay. One thing you can do to better protect yourself is plan on eating something healthy before a gathering starts. That way, you arrive without feeling hungry, and are less tempted by unhealthy items available to everyone.

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