How Do Fillings And Crowns Restore Teeth?

A cavity treatment is not complete until a patient’s tooth has been restored with a dental filling or a dental crown. What makes the placement of a restoration so important to the protection of a tooth? One unfortunate reality of dental decay is that when a cavity forms, the damage will be permanent. While prompt treatment can preserve much of your healthy tooth structure, there will not be a way for you to naturally grow your enamel back. Dental fillings and crowns become permanent forms of protection that keep a tooth from becoming infected again. They also ensure that the tooth remains strong enough to allow you to bite and chew with it. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office relies on materials that can restore teeth while also preserving the way we look. If you need a dental crown, we can use CEREC technology to have one made and placed in as little as one appointment!

Decay And Physical Injuries Can Cause Permanent Harm To A Tooth

Tooth decay and physical trauma can make it necessary to place a dental crown or dental filling on a tooth. While our bones can mend over time after breaking, damage to teeth can be permanent. Fortunately, it is possible to care for them, and restore the way they look, through a discreet filling or crown.

Determining What Restoration Is Right For You

The size of a cavity will determine what restoration your dentist uses to take care of you. Dental fillings only occupy the space where a cavity formed, making them the more conservative treatment option available to patients. Thanks to the biocompatible resin material used to make modern fillings, the one you receive can actually bond directly with your enamel. If the damage to your tooth is too severe, your dentist will have to cover it with a dental crown. Our practice has CEREC technology, which allows us to craft a restoration based on the dimensions of your tooth at our office. Once the restoration has been created, we can place it over your tooth to provide functional and cosmetic support.

Your Custom Restoration Can Provide Lasting Protection

Dental fillings and dental crowns are durable enough to provide lasting support for a tooth, even as you rely on it to bite and chew food. While these restorations are meant to be permanent, say something to your dentist if you are starting to worry about one that has been placed. A damaged or loose restoration can expose your tooth to more harm!

Our Rochester, MN Dentist’s Office Can Restore An Unhealthy Tooth With A Durable And Lifelike Filling Or Crown

At Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry, patients who require treatment for a cavity or dental injury can receive a durable and lifelike dental filling or crown. To learn what you can expect from these restorations, call our Rochester, MN dentist’s office at (507) 281-3659.