Drinking More Water Can Help You Keep Your Smile Healthy

Different decisions you make throughout your day can impact your risk for dental problems, sometimes in ways that may surprise you. Did you know that dehydration can affect your body’s ability to protect your smile against oral bacteria? Dry mouth that occurs during dehydration interferes with your ability to produce saliva, which leaves your teeth less protected against bacteria buildup while also making it harder to wash away food debris. Because of this, it can be important for your oral health to drink more water! This is one change of many that may be able to help you avoid problems with tooth decay over the years. Smart habits at home, in addition to routine dental exams, can be important for your long-term oral health. Your Rochester, MN dentist’s office proudly provides in-office care as well as guidance to help you protect yourself until your next appointment.

Choosing Water Over Other Beverages

Do you drink water during the day, or do you gravitate towards other beverages? Unfortunately, many of the popular drinks people enjoy like soft drinks, juice, and other flavored beverages can put you at greater risk for dental decay. Sodas and juices can be a threat for more than one reason – they often contain larger amounts of sugar, and they can soften enamel due to their acidity. Colorful drinks like coffee, cola, tea, and red wine can also put you at greater risk for teeth stains.

How Often Do You Experience Dry Mouth?

If you are not doing enough to stay hydrated, you can experience dry mouth at different points in your day. When dry mouth occurs, you are not producing a comfortable amount of saliva. The lack of saliva makes it harder for you to wash away food debris, and it can make it easier for oral bacteria to multiply between brushing and flossing. It should be noted that dehydration is not the only reason people sometimes experience this issue. If you take a medication that causes dry mouth, chewing sugar-free gum and drinking more water throughout the day can help you manage it.

Other Daily Behaviors That Can Help You Avoid Tooth Decay

What you eat and drink will be important for your oral health, and not always in ways that you expect. By cutting back on alcohol and caffeine, you can make yourself less likely to grind your teeth at night. If teeth grinding is not controlled, it can lead to negative changes to your smile as well as damages that call for dental crowns. Remember that in order to stay fully protected against dental problems, you should make a point of flossing at least once a day in addition to brushing twice a day. This ensures that the spaces between your teeth remain healthy.

Your Rochester, MN Dentist’s Office Helps Families Maintain Healthy Smiles

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