How Safe Are Your Kids Against Tooth Decay?

Taking care of kids, and teaching them to take care of themselves, can keep parents busy. Fortunately, as time passes children can pick up on important skills that help them grow up in good health, making them less vulnerable to problems. Once a child’s teeth begin to arrive, there is a potential risk for tooth decay that parents will have to address. It is important to provide care at an early age, but once they are old enough to brush and floss themselves, you will want to feel confident that they know how to practice smart oral care. During pediatric dental exams, kids can receive guidance from their Rochester, MN dentist. Of course, they will spend considerably more time at home cleaning their teeth than they will in the dentist’s office! By providing helpful instructions and encouraging good habits, you can see to it that your kids are safe against tooth decay.

Setting Good Oral Health Habits At An Early Age

Children who learn the importance of effective oral care at an early age can be better protected against dental problems as they grow up. The transition to letting them brush and floss their teeth is an important one. While you obviously want to focus on helping them develop good practices, you should also take the time to talk with them about why cavity prevention matters.

Are Your Kids Consuming Too Much Sugar?

Brushing and flossing are important, but what happens in the kitchen can also impact a child’s smile. Encouraging kids to be smart about what they eat and drink can help them avoid problems with tooth decay, as you can effectively limit their sugar exposure. One particularly smart thing you can do is insist that they have milk and water during meals, and restrict their consumption of sugary juices and soft drinks.

Show Your Kids That You Care About Your Oral Health, Too

How can you convince your kids to take smile care seriously? While the exact “right” strategy can differ from one family to the next, setting a good example is often important. In other words, make sure your kids see that you also care about your oral health. You can show your commitment by brushing and flossing with them, and by scheduling your own routine dental exams when they go in for a checkup.

Your Rochester, MN Dentist’s Office Can Help Your Family Maintain Healthy Smiles

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