The Role Hydration Plays In Maintaining Healthy Teeth

The time you spend brushing and flossing your teeth can help you fight potential tooth decay and gum disease. To further protect yourself, you can make smart decisions regarding what you eat by cutting down on sugar, and choosing nutrient-rich meals on a regular basis. It is also possible to protect your smile by maintaining good hydration levels. The saliva you produce benefits your oral health by cleaning teeth and fighting oral bacteria. When you are properly hydrated, you can have an easier time producing this substance. Good hydration by drinking water can help you with this, and it can help you cut out products that might be trouble for your teeth. While your Rochester, MN dentist certainly wants you to regard brushing and flossing as important parts of preventive dental care, remember that what you do throughout the day can impact your smile!

Saliva Helps You Protect Yourself Against Tooth Decay

Saliva helps us by cleaning away food debris that could become stuck to our teeth, including the spaces between cusps that can trap small bits of what we eat. By quickly washing away these particles, your body can protect your teeth by removing a potential food source for oral bacteria. Saliva is actually able to neutralize some of those bacteria, which can offer additional protection for your oral health. People who fail to drink enough water throughout the day can be more prone to periods of dry mouth, which will make them more vulnerable to problems. While saliva is not a foolproof weapon against dental troubles – after all, we still need to brush and floss consistently – it can still reduce your likelihood of needing a cavity restored!

Other Issues That Can Lead To Dry Mouth

You should be aware that dehydration from a lack of water is just one reason people experience dry mouth. You can also have this problem because of certain medications you have to take. Regular consumption of alcohol, coffee, and tea can also lead to dry mouth.

The Right Habits Can Play A Big Part In Protecting Your Smile

When you make smart choices regarding what you eat and drink, you can enjoy better care for your smile. Practicing good behaviors between your dental exams can ensure that you are safe against problems like gum disease and tooth decay. These issues, when they occur, can lead to complications that seriously upset your oral health if you go without treatment for an extended period of time.

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry Helps Rochester Families Maintain Healthy Teeth

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