Should I Schedule A Dental Visit Because Of A Toothache?

How much concern should you really feel over a toothache? Pain in your tooth can negatively impact your diet, and it can generally leave you in a sour mood. A toothache can feel like a different type of problem than a pain felt somewhere else in your body. A dental problem can be permanent, and it can worsen over time without effective professional treatment. Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office is prepared to help you deal with a painful or sensitive tooth. In fact, our patients can even reach out to book an emergency dental appointment if they have serious concerns or are in significant discomfort.

A Toothache Can Happen If You Develop An Infection

You should know that a persistent or particularly painful toothache can occur when a tooth becomes infected. An infection is not something that you want to simply ignore, as the health of your tooth can deteriorate as time passes – eventually, the problem may become so serious that your tooth cannot be saved. Through root canal treatment, the problem can be fully addressed so that your tooth is no longer in jeopardy.

Take Signs Of Serious Dental Problems Seriously

Lingering pain after a tooth injury, or the onset of pain without an obvious cause, can be alarming. Trying to ignore the matter in hopes that it might resolve itself can be a mistake, one that allows more time for an infection to do permanent damage to your tooth. An infection results when bacteria enter your tooth and attack the living tissues within. Those bacteria can keep moving by traveling through a tooth’s roots, which can create new complications for your well-being! At a certain point, a tooth will be damaged so severely that the only way to restore your smile is to replace the tooth with a permanent prosthetic.

We Can Restore Your Tooth Promptly With A Same-Day Crown

While it is hard to ever think of a dental emergency as “convenient,” it can be a relief to know that your dentist is ready to offer emergency dental work. To make the process even easier, we can use a same-day crown to provide you with a permanent restoration in as little as one appointment! The crown, made with CEREC technology, will be designed based on measurements to determine the shape, size, and shade of your tooth.

Our Rochester, MN Dentist’s Office Can Address Your Toothache

At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, patients who are concerned about a toothache, and fear that something is wrong with their oral health, can set up an emergency dental appointment. Through this appointment, we can make sure a problem is resolved, and that your tooth is fully protected so that you do not have to worry about further complications. For more information, call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry at (507) 281-3659.