Recognizing And Responding To Symptoms Of An Infected Tooth

How worried should you be if you think your tooth might have developed an infection? If an infection is not addressed in time, bacteria that are accumulating in your tooth can actually travel through the roots and create new issues that affect your well-being. If the damage is serious enough, an infection can also lead to the loss of your tooth! Your Rochester, MN dentist is prepared to take on a tooth infection. Through root canal therapy, damaged tissues and bacteria can be carefully removed from the tooth before it is sealed and restored.

The Symptoms Of An Infected Tooth Can Be Difficult To Ignore

If you have an infected tooth, the symptoms you experience can be difficult to ignore. You may feel unable to bite and chew because of the pain you are in, and you may develop worrying swelling around the tooth. You may also notice changes to the tooth’s appearance that concern you. The pain of an infection is often serious enough to make a patient prioritize treatment. If you attempt to ignore it, you should be aware that you can allow the infection to worsen to the point where your tooth cannot be saved.

Scheduling Restorative Treatment For Your Tooth

In order to restore the health of your tooth, we can perform a root canal. Some people can shy away from the root canal because they associate it with “serious” dental work, and worry about the experience. We take care to make care as comfortable as possible any time we take care of a person’s smile. You should also know that the root canal treatment can actually put a stop to your issues with discomfort, as it leads to the successful stopping of damage to the interior of your tooth.

Our CEREC Dental Crowns Can Make Treatment More Convenient

After a root canal procedure, your tooth will need to be secured with a permanent restoration. With the CEREC technology at our practice, we can actually make this part of your treatment more convenient thanks to our same-day dental crowns. Every tool needed to design, craft, and produce a custom restoration is available at our location. This means your work can be completed in less time, and with fewer appointments. You can be particularly happy to know that in addition to making care convenient, CEREC technology allows us to produce crowns that carefully imitate the appearance of your natural teeth!

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry Can Take On Problems With An Infected Tooth

At Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN, we understand that tooth pain can be frustrating and worrying. We take these problems seriously, and we can help you deal with the matter through the appropriate restorative dental care. To find out more about us, please call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry at (507) 281-3659.