The General Benefits Of Good Periodontal Care

When it comes to maintaining good oral hygiene habits, one straightforward benefit is that the efforts you make protect you against problems like tooth decay. Your approach to brushing and flossing your teeth can also help you fight the bacteria that threaten to infect your gums and cause gingivitis. Maintaining healthy periodontal tissues can help you stay defended against gingivitis, which in turn makes you less likely to experience more advanced problems with gum disease. At home and during checkups with your Rochester, MN dentist, you can make sure your teeth and gums are safe from harm. In addition to being good for your smile, this can also have benefits for your general well-being.

Periodontal Disease Can Interfere With Other Health Concerns

Do you think of brushing and flossing your teeth as a way to protect your body, or just your smile? As research has explored the link between oral and systemic health, more attention is being paid to how the condition of your oral health might impact your larger health. If you are affected by gum disease, it can make you vulnerable to potential infections that infect your body, and it may even complicate your ongoing efforts to manage existing health problems. Periodontal infections can lead to problems with your heart, and there are concerns that oral bacteria may be able to access a person’s lungs and cause pulmonary issues!

What Can You Do To Keep Your Gums Healthy?

Your strategy for protecting your gums can also help you protect your teeth. When you brush and floss, you clear away the oral bacteria that put our smiles at risk for health concerns. To make sure these habits are protecting your gums, be deliberate about cleaning your teeth at your gum line. Doing this removes the bacteria buildup that might be present at the base of your teeth – these bacteria can cause gingivitis if they travel beneath your gums.

Periodontal Care Is Part Of Preventive Dental Care

Through daily care and schedule preventive dental exams, you can make sure your teeth and gums are properly protected. These additional behaviors can help you sustain a healthy smile:

  • Make sure you stay hydrated so your body can more easily produce saliva, which can naturally protect you against issues
  • Take the time to brush for at least two minutes, and focus on reaching every area of your smile
  • If you are dealing with tooth pain, talk to your dentist about restoring the issue before it worsens
  • Make smart snacking choices – sticky, sugary foods can be harder to clean, and provide more for bacteria to feed on

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry Provides Dental And Periodontal Care

At Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry, your oral and periodontal health needs are taken seriously by our staff of dental professionals. If you have questions about our practice, or if you wish to arrange treatment, you can reach our Rochester, MN dentist’s office at (507) 281-3659.