Do Routine Dental Exams Lead To Better Cavity Prevention?

Because a cavity can form on your tooth without you realizing it, you can unintentionally allow a problem to worsen and damage more of your tooth structure. When this happens, it can result in you needing a more involved restorative dental procedure to address complications. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we can help you avoid this problem by performing a careful review of your smile during every dental exam. In addition to helping patients by identifying decay, your routine visits help protect you against future cavities. One big reason for this is the professional dental cleaning that takes place, as it leads to the removal of harmful tartar buildup.

Regular Checkups Help You Improve Your Defense Against Decay

You can do an effective job protecting your teeth at home by brushing and flossing, but it is important to acknowledge the role that checkups should play in defending your smile against threats. At every exam, your hygienist will carefully clean your teeth so that you do not have to worry about tartar and plaque buildup affecting your dental well-being. Tartar removal is particularly important, as this substance can remain in place to do more harm to your smile without professional care. You also receive important feedback from your dentist and hygienist that can help you determine if your daily routine could benefit from changes.

Protect Your Teeth With A Combination Of Smart Daily Care And Routine Cleanings

Daily care and preventive dentistry both have key roles to play when it comes to protecting your smile against decay and gum disease. If you are not doing enough to keep your smile clean on a daily basis, you can become more prone to periodontal infections and tooth decay, and you can allow harmful bacteria to build up in your mouth. To more effectively protect yourself, think about how much time you spend on brushing – you should take at least two minutes for this task. You should also make flossing a daily priority, with care taken to clean every surface of every space where your teeth meet.

Checkups Also Help You Avoid Complications From Untreated Cavities

It is hard to overstate the advantages of having regular reviews for cavities. When decay is not caught in a timely manner, you become vulnerable to a tooth infection, and that can make a root canal procedure necessary. By catching problems early, we can preserve more of your natural tooth structure by providing you with a dental filling.

Set Up A Dental Visit With Your Rochester, MN Dentist Today!

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