Dental Exams Provide Helpful Feedback About Your Oral Health

Keeping up with your dental health can be good for your smile, and it can be a good way to protect your overall health. Unfortunately, people sometimes make the mistake of believing that they have nothing to worry about if they are brushing and flossing every day, which leads them to skip dental checkups. If you miss out on these routine appointments, you can be more likely to let a problem like tooth decay go undetected until it grows serious enough to require root canal treatment! You can also be more vulnerable to trouble because you will not receive regular dental cleanings. These cleanings protect you because they lead to the removal of tartar deposits. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we are ready to provide important preventive care during your exams, and we can take on any problems with your oral health before they worsen.

You May Not Realize When A Cavity Forms

While a cavity can eventually cause serious damage to your tooth, you may not feel pain from it at first. Cavities form when damages from oral bacteria reach a point where your tooth can no longer heal. As the cavity continues to grow, you can lose more of your enamel to the problem, and eventually bacteria can gain access to your pulp to infect the interior of your tooth. At this point, the symptoms of decay can be difficult for you to ignore. Unfortunately, when more harm is done to a tooth, more work is needed to fully restore it.

What Services Can You Expect From A Dental Exam

At a regular dental exam, you enjoy a careful review from your dentist. Over the course of your evaluation, we are able to identify problems with tooth decay, gum disease, and any other concerns that might negatively impact your well-being. You also receive a thorough teeth cleaning from your hygienist. The cleanings are effective at keeping teeth safe from trouble, as the treatment removes plaque and tartar buildup that may have gathered since your last appointment. If these harmful agents are left in place, they can put your teeth at greater risk for harm.

Undergoing Treatment For Tooth Decay

Our practice is here to do more than just tell someone that they have a cavity – we can also take care of the matter for you. If decay is caught in time, we can restore your tooth with a dental filling. Fillings require a relatively small amount of space, preserving more of your tooth structure. You may require a dental crown and root canal procedure for a cavity that has become painful. These procedures can end the threat tooth decay poses, but they require more work on your tooth structure.

Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist About Scheduling A Dental Exam

At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, individuals who want to make sure they are keeping their smile healthy can come and see us for a routine exam! At every exam, our practice can clean and carefully review your teeth for any signs of problems. To schedule your visit, or to learn more about us, call our Rochester, MN dentist today at (507) 281-3659.