Enjoy The Rochester Symphony’s Cheers To 40 Years Concert

This year is a special one for the Rochester Symphony, as Maestro Lantz is celebrating forty years as its conductor! In honor of this occasion, there will be a special concert on Saturday, March 14. The Cheers To 40 Years concert will feature pieces that have been meaningful to the conductor’s career and personal life. This will be a fun occasion for lovers of music, as well as a chance to help the orchestra celebrate its leader, and his role in shaping the organization. The right music can bring a smile to a person’s face. Of course, if you feel confident in the appearance of your teeth, you may be happy for any reason to smile! Our Rochester, MN dentist’s office can help you maintain healthy teeth, and we can discuss cosmetic dental work with you if you currently feel dissatisfied with your appearance.


The Cheers To 40 Years concert is taking place on Saturday, March 14 at 7:30 pm.


This concert is being held at the Mayo Civic Center, which is located at 30 Civic Center Drive SE, Rochester, MN.


Adult ticket prices range from $23 to $34. Youth tickets will be available at at discounted price of $5.

Activities Include:

The Cheers To 40 Years concert is being held as a celebration of the orchestra’s conductor, and his impressive tenure with the Rochester Symphony!

For More Information:

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