We Can Provide Different Solutions For Teeth Stains

Why does it seem like your teeth are steadily becoming duller or more discolored? Even with a good daily oral care routine in place, you may find that it is hard to stop stains from worsening because many of the products we enjoy leave particles on our teeth that affect their color. Those particles that are not removed through brushing can settle in the layers of our enamel and lead to teeth looking less white. While it can be difficult to fully take on stains with store bought whitening products, your Rochester, MN dentist can help you fight discoloration through cosmetic dentistry. We offer two different strategies for fighting teeth stains – you can take home a customized whitening kit, or visit us for an in-office procedure. We also offer solutions for problems with discoloration that are not connected to stains.

Is It Time To Talk With Your Dentist About Fighting Teeth Stains?

Even after switching to a whitening toothpaste and trying out a whitening kit you picked up at the store, you may find that your teeth still seem duller than you would like. Your dentist is able to help you fight stains that have become difficult for you to remove, which is why a professional procedure can produce results that are hard to match with store bought items. The free cosmetic consultations we provide as part of our patient specials can make it easier for patients to learn about the benefits of a professional whitening treatment.

You Can Select A Take-Home Or In-Office Whitening Procedure

How do you feel about fitting in a visit to our office in order to show off whiter teeth? Would you prefer to simply take home a kit that yuo can use on your own time? Both of these options are available to patients who visit us for cosmetic treatment. An in-office procedure will see your dentist apply whitening agents to your teeth, then activating these agents with a special light for convenient results. Your take-home kit includes customized trays that will make applying the whitening agents easier on your own time. Through the recommended number of daily applications, you can see results that can match what you would see from in-office care.

Other Options For Improving The Color Of Your Smile

At our practice, we are able to help patients take on tough issues with their smile, including problems with discoloration that are not linked to stains. To brighten teeth affected by internal problems, we can suggest a bonding procedure. The bonding process will see your dentist brighten your smile with composite resin material, which can make your smile brighter while also addressing problems with tooth shape and size. We can also take on these issues through the placement of porcelain veneers, custom shells that are affixed to teeth that can produce exciting improvements.

 Talk To Your Rochester, MN Dentist About Fighting Teeth Stains

At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, individuals who are worried about the color of their teeth can reach out to us for help! Through professional whitening treatment, we can give you a brighter smile that you feel excited to show off. For more information, call Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry at (507) 281-3659.