Why Your Smile Benefits From Regular Cavity Reviews

Are you doing a good job protecting yourself against problems like tooth decay and gum disease? Hopefully, you feel comfortable answering in the affirmative, as oral bacteria pose a persistent threat, and a consistent hygiene routine is important for maintaining a healthy smile. With that said, consistent dental exams and cleanings are beneficial to patients, even when they practice good daily habits. Many people will experience at least one cavity in their lifetime, and it is worth noting that a cavity can go undetected when it first develops. With regular exams, you receive support to help you avoid decay, as well as early detection and treatment when something is wrong. Your Rochester, MN dentist is proud to provide this ongoing support, so you can sustain better overall smile health.

You May Not Realize When A Cavity Has Started To Form

How can something like a cavity escape your notice? Tooth decay grows progressively worse over time – once a cavity is present, it will become increasingly serious until it is treated. For people who do not attend regular dental exams, a problem can go undetected until they experience pain from an infection that requires a root canal procedure. However, if you stay current with semiannual dental checkups, you can have decay identified and treated when only a dental filling is required.

Regular Teeth Cleanings Protect You From Future Decay

By cleaning your teeth, your hygienist removes tartar, plaque, and other unwelcome substances that can cling to your enamel. These preventive treatments have real value when it comes to protecting you against decay. While you can remove plaque and food debris yourself by brushing and flossing, tartar deposits can stay in place despite your efforts. Fortunately, you can have tartar buildup removed during regular teeth cleanings. This protects you against concentrations of harmful bacteria that can gradually wear down your teeth and cause cavities. A buildup of tartar at your gum line is also a concern because you are more likely to experience gingivitis.

Remember That Your Dentist Can Help With More Than Just Cavities!

While examining your smile, your dentist checks for any evidence of periodontal trouble, problems with dental damage, and any other issues that might call for care. When you have regular exams, many problems that affect your dental well-being can be identified. When problems are identified, it becomes easier for you to make plans to return your smile to good health before complications disrupt your appearance and life!

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