Can A Bonding Treatment Make Your Smile Symmetrical?

When you think about the qualities that make a smile attractive, you may focus on the color of teeth, or the absence of visible flaws. What you should also think about is the symmetry of a person’s smile. Symmetrical features tend to be more appealing in general, but a balanced smile can have real value for your confidence in the way you look. Unfortunately, all it takes is one flawed or injured tooth to disrupt the way you look. In addition to making your appearance unbalanced, a distinct flaw can receive more attention from people. Your Rochester, MN dentist may be able to help you show off a more symmetrical smile through dental bonding. The bonding treatment can change the shape, color, and even the size of a tooth in order to make it a better fit with your overall appearance.

A Problem Tooth Can Make Your Smile Asymmetrical

All it takes is one uneven, discolored, or damaged tooth to throw off the overall symmetry of your smile. Sometimes, the problem with a tooth is naturally occurring, but in other cases people are affected by chips and cracks that make a certain tooth stand out. One benefit to undergoing cosmetic dentistry is your dentist can provide you with an effective solution to a problem like this while minimizing the overall changes to your tooth structure. As a result, a relatively minor procedure can have a significant effect on the way you look when you smile!

Arranging A Conservative Bonding Procedure

Bonding treatment can take less time than you expect, as the procedure does not require the placement of a restoration on your tooth. Instead, your cosmetic issues are addressed through the application of a composite resin material that can imitate healthy enamel. This substance provides lasting support by bonding with your tooth structure, and covering any flaws with its shape, size, and color. The application and bonding of this material to your tooth can occur in the span of a single appointment, making this an effective way to address a conspicuous flaw before an important event.

The Right Cosmetic Procedure Can Offer Desirable Results

Can a bonding procedure be counted on to produce the results you want? While this treatment option has proven itself effective for many people, there are other options open to you. To explore the different cosmetic procedures that might help you, we can welcome you at a complimentary cosmetic consultation. During this appointment, you can ask about your different treatment options, and learn what your dentist might recommend when it comes to achieving your desired smile.

Discuss Dental Bonding Treatment At Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry

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