Has It Been Too Long Since Your Last Dental Exam?

Are you letting too much time pass between your visits to your dentist’s office? Unless you are told otherwise by your dentist, you should arrange appointments at six month intervals to stay informed about the condition of your overall oral health. By remaining consistent with this schedule, you can receive regular teeth cleanings that protect you from the harmful effects of tartar buildup. You also ensure that your teeth are being regularly checked for evidence of cavities. When cavities are identified in their early stages, the amount of harm to your tooth structure can be limited, and work to restore your oral health can be less involved. In addition to providing professional preventive care at every exam, our Rochester, MN dentist’s office can provide insights to help you maintain good oral hygiene between appointments.

Stay Informed About Problems With Tooth Decay And Gum Disease

Are you doing an effective job of keeping your smile free of problems with gum disease and tooth decay? A person who feels comfortable with their oral care routine may be surprised to learn that a problem has formed despite their efforts. If that person attends checkups on a regular basis, the problem can be identified and addressed before complications become a concern. Even if you feel like your smile is in good health, a recently-formed cavity may be affecting one of your teeth, which can require a dental filling.

Are Your Teeth Vulnerable To Harm Because Of Tartar?

Professional teeth cleanings can do more to clear away harmful agents than you can do on your own through daily brushing and flossing. Every time you go in to see your dentist for preventive care, your teeth cleaning can ensure that any tartar deposits are removed. Without these appointments, tartar buildup can pose a continued threat to your well-being by raising your risk for tooth decay and gingivitis.

Reviewing Your Oral Health Habits Between Visits

During your routine visits to your dentist, you can use your meeting to discuss your current oral care routine, as well as any concerns that you might have about your risk for problems with your teeth and gums. We can discuss your current approach to brushing and flossing, and make recommendations for better habits as appropriate. Of course, you can also use this time to talk about your smile if you are bothered by the way you look. If you are ready to learn more about the benefits of cosmetic dentistry, you can even discuss arranging a complimentary cosmetic consultation!

Schedule Your Next Exam With Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry

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