3 Common Smile Problems A Cosmetic Procedure Can Address

Your smile can give you confidence, and it can be one of your defining features. While your smile is certainly special, flaws that make people self-conscious about their teeth can be common. Teeth stains, dental damage, and problems with poor alignment often leave people uncomfortable at the thought of really showcasing their smile in social situations, or in photographs. If you have any concerns about the way you look, our Rochester, MN dental practice is ready to help you see impressive smile improvements. During a free cosmetic consultation, we can talk to you about how the right treatment can help you take on problems you currently have with the way you look. You may be surprised at how quickly you can see results, and how much a single procedure can do to help you fix smile flaws.

1. General Wear And Tear Affecting Teeth

Over time, teeth can start to show the effects of biting and chewing friction. For some people, particularly those who have a tendency to grind or clench their jaw at night, wear and tear can cause teeth to look flatter, or generally misshapen. Wear and tear can also lead to enamel erosion that hurts the color of a person’s smile. Through the placement of porcelain veneers, wear and tear can be effectively addressed so that your teeth look healthier and younger.

2. Discoloration From Enamel Stains

While teeth stains are not the only problem that can impact the color of someone’s smile, they are a common concern. With our dedicated teeth whitening treatment, we can remove tough stains while also brightening your tooth structure. We can provide a combination of in-office treatments with a daily whitening kit you use between appointments to make your smile many shades brighter. People who have felt disappointed by past efforts to whiten their teeth can be excited to see how much good professional care can do.

3. Poorly Aligned Teeth

If your smile is affected by poor dental alignment, we can recommend improvements through the use of Invisalign appliances. Invisalign has made orthodontic work easier and more discreet for patients by making it possible to fix gaps and overlaps with removable clear aligners. In addition to helping patients fix problems with teeth that look uneven or poorly spaced, Invisalign can offer some improvements for your bite function.

Are You Ready To Show Off A Better Smile? Our Rochester, MN Dentist’s Office Can Help!

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