We Provide Thorough Dental Care For Patients Of All Ages

As a person ages, what they need from their dentist can change. Adults can enjoy consistent preventive care because it can help them stay on track for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Gradual changes in your enamel over time may make you more susceptible to decay, but oral health support can make it easier to maintain the health and appearance of teeth. For younger children, regular dental exams can be important because they are an introduction into the importance of proper smile care. As kids grow up, a combination of conventional preventive dental care and lessons on smart smile care at home can ensure they grow up with healthy, lovely smiles. Our Rochester, MN dental office can make sure patients of all ages enjoy quality smile support. In addition to providing pediatric dental exams to your kids, we can make sure your teeth remain in good shape.

How Does A Person’s Age Affect Their Oral Health Care Needs?

Because dental enamel is a remarkably strong material, a person’s teeth can remain in good condition for an extended period of time. However, the condition of our teeth can be affected by the foods we eat, and by the friction we produce when biting and chewing. If you have a history of grinding your teeth, your wear and tear can become advanced. What this ultimately means is that you can become more susceptible to decay as your enamel weakens, and you may see changes to the appearance of your teeth. For adult patients, preventive care can make preserving smile care easier.

From an early age, enamel is remarkably strong. While kids’s teeth are protected by this substance, poor habits and a lack of understanding about oral care can make them more vulnerable to cavities. For them, regular dental visits are important because they provide instructions about brushing and flossing, and because your dentist can help your child understand why sugary foods have the potential to seriously harm their teeth.

Scheduling A Trip To The Dentist For Your Kids

We are prepared to work with kids when they are due for their first dental exam, and we can provide quality care over the years to help them maintain healthy teeth and gums. At the appropriate age, we can begin delivering consistent preventive care on a semiannual basis, and use a combination of information, guided practice, and routine preventive services to help them enjoy a lifetime with healthy teeth!

Make Sure You See Your Dentist On A Regular Basis, Too

You can schedule your own appointments at the same time you plan to bring your kids in to see us! This can make treatment for you more convenient, and ensure your teeth are receiving expert attention. Just as we are able to provide instructions to kids, our services include support and oral hygiene guidance that can help you avoid cavities and other troubles over time.

Schedule Dental Care At Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry

At Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry, patients of all ages can count on receiving important oral health care during each appointment! To schedule a consultation, please call our Rochester, MN dentist’s office at (507) 281-3659. a