We Can Help You Start The New Year With A Brighter Smile

It is only natural to feel some excitement when you think about starting a brand new decade. While the new year is typically a time to think about improvements you can make to your life, you can be particularly eager to make positive changes for this milestone. One thing you might want to do is take steps to transform your smile. Our Rochester, MN dental practice can help you make big improvements to the way you look through modern cosmetic dental services. For individuals who are interested in making their teeth whiter, we can provide big improvements with our advanced teeth whitening procedure. This treatment combines in-office care with an at-home kit to produce dazzling results!

You Can Marvel At The Results Our Advanced Whitening Treatment Provides

Why should you look into professional treatment for teeth stains when so many store bought whiteners are available to you? When you pick up an over the counter whitening product, you can look forward to removing some teeth stains, but the overall results can be deflating. Unfortunately, these products are less than ideal when you want to remove those stains that have accumulated in deeper layers of your enamel. With our advanced whitening agents, it is possible to reach these stains, and even brighten your underlying tooth structure!

Finding The Right Treatment Option To Address Your Discoloration

If you want to deal with discoloration, you may assume that your natural choice is a teeth whitening treatment. While whitening agents are effective for removing stains, there are other forms of discoloration that can affect patients. You may find that these problems demand a different approach, like the placement of porcelain veneers. If you want to make sure you have the right cosmetic procedure picked out, our practice does welcome patients to schedule FREE cosmetic consultations.

Tips To Help You Keep Your Teeth White After Cosmetic Work

One important thing to think about after a cosmetic dental procedure is how you can make sure your smile stays as bright and lovely as possible for the long term. While teeth whitening treatments can make significant changes, your approach to oral hygiene can have an effect on how long those results truly last. We can offer tips on keeping your teeth white after a whitening procedure, and we can also discuss smart smile care if you have received porcelain veneers.

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry Can Help You Start 2020 With A Brighter Smile!

At Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry, we provide exciting modern cosmetic services that can help you start the new decade with an amazing smile! If you are looking for an opportunity to make your teeth brighter, or if there are any other issues that you would like to address, we are here to help. To schedule a consultation, please call (507) 281-3659.