We Can Take Care Of Harmful Tartar Buildup On Your Teeth

Should you be concerned about tartar buildup? If you brush and floss effectively each day, you can fight the accumulation of plaque deposits, and stop tartar from forming. While an effective oral care routine can provide significant protection, you should be aware that many people who believe their teeth are in great shape fail to realize that tartar deposits have already formed on their teeth. In order to keep yourself safe from tartar buildup, schedule regular dental exams. At our Rochester, MN dental practice, we can perform a thorough cleaning of your teeth to clear away tartar accumulation. We also provide guidance that you can use to better fight future buildup.

Why Can’t I Take Care Of Tartar Myself?

You can take care of tartar by preventing its formation. Tartar forms when plaque deposits harden on your teeth over time. When you consistently remove plaque buildup from your teeth, you can stop that formation from ever occurring. Unfortunately, when tartar deposits do form, they are going to remain in place until your next dental cleaning. This substance is not something you can remove with brushing and flossing, so deposits can remain to attack teeth until your next session with your hygienist.

Consistent Dental Cleanings Help You Avoid Potential Oral Health Problems

While daily oral care certainly has long-term value, it is important to not think of it as a replacement for professional dental cleanings! During dental cleanings, harmful agents are removed before they can cause cavities, and leave you needing a dental filling. Your hygienist can use your session to discuss your current oral care practices, and identify areas where more cleaning can be beneficial.

You May Need A Special Cleaning To Help Preserve Your Healthy Smile

During a typical teeth cleaning, only the portions of teeth above your gum line are cleaned. Under normal conditions, this can be the only cleaning you require. However, there are occasions where a deeper treatment is appropriate. A scaling and root planing can be performed if you are showing symptoms of poor gum health. By cleaning areas that are normally covered by your gums, we can remove the threats to your periodontal health that cause gingivitis.

Schedule A Routine Cleaning And Evaluation At Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry

How worried should you be about tartar? With smart care at home, and regular dental exams, you can enjoy an effective line of defense against this harmful substance. Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry is ready to help you by removing any tartar deposits found during a routine dental cleaning and evaluation. We can further help you by offering tips on better oral care at home, and by providing a special periodontal cleaning if you show signs of gum disease. To schedule a consultation, please call (507) 281-3659.