Month: December 2019

How Much Can My Smile Improve After A Whitening Treatment?

The idea of “slightly whiter” teeth might be appealing, but if you are bothered by the current color of your smile, you may be eager for truly noticeable improvements. Unfortunately, when you rely on store bought whitening products, the changes you see can be limited. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, our patients can come… Read more »

We Offer Different Solutions For Covering A Smile Gap

If a gap is present in your smile, it can undermine your overall confidence. The presence of a gap due to poor dental alignment can attract unwanted attention, and that poor spacing can cause further troubles with the positioning of your teeth. At our Rochester, MN dentist’s office, we are prepared to find an effective… Read more »

Check Out The Rochester Pharmacy Health Fair January 18

On Saturday, January 18, the Rochester Public Library will host the Pharmacy Health Fair! During this event, visitors can enjoy a fun and informative experience learning more about their health, and about the importance of making general health changes. In addition to being a great resource for practical information, this is your opportunity to receive… Read more »

Regular Exams Can Lead To Early Cavity Detection

Why does it matter when a cavity is identified and treated? If decay starts to affect a tooth, the damage can continue to spread until it causes an infection, which can become painful. The longer you wait to have the problem taken care of, the more harm your tooth can ultimately experience. At our Rochester,… Read more »

3 Common Smile Problems A Cosmetic Procedure Can Address

Your smile can give you confidence, and it can be one of your defining features. While your smile is certainly special, flaws that make people self-conscious about their teeth can be common. Teeth stains, dental damage, and problems with poor alignment often leave people uncomfortable at the thought of really showcasing their smile in social… Read more »

We Provide Thorough Dental Care For Patients Of All Ages

As a person ages, what they need from their dentist can change. Adults can enjoy consistent preventive care because it can help them stay on track for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Gradual changes in your enamel over time may make you more susceptible to decay, but oral health support can make it easier to… Read more »

Check Out The Children’s Storytime Event At Castle Community

Castle Community in Rochester is preparing to host a series of weekly storytime events for kids to come out and enjoy! This is a great chance for your children to gather with friends and enjoy FREE storytelling entertainment. When the event concludes, visitors are encouraged to enjoy more of the amenities and shops at Castle… Read more »

We Can Help You Start The New Year With A Brighter Smile

It is only natural to feel some excitement when you think about starting a brand new decade. While the new year is typically a time to think about improvements you can make to your life, you can be particularly eager to make positive changes for this milestone. One thing you might want to do is… Read more »

Dental Visits Can Keep Your Smile Healthy Through 2020

What steps should you take to make sure you make the most of the new year? One thing you should certainly do is think about how you can stay in good health for 2020, and beyond, by making sure your smile is enjoying proper support. At our Rochester, MN dental office, we are ready to… Read more »

A Bonding Procedure Can Offer A One-Visit Smile Improvement

When you think about procedures that affect your oral health or your smile, you may imagine that quality work can be time-consuming. What might surprise you is that through a modern approach to cosmetic dental treatment, our Rochester, MN dental practice can make exciting improvements to your smile in as little as one appointment! If… Read more »