How Your Holiday Treats Can Affect Your Smile

It can be incredibly difficult to resist every single holiday treat put in front of you this season. In fact, you may have certain items that you have waited a year to enjoy again! What you should keep in mind is that the more you indulge in holiday treats, the more risk you have for dental problems later. At our Rochester, MN dental office, we can help patients protect their teeth by identifying and treating cavities, and by providing important preventive services during routine checkups. What we can also do is help you take better care of your smile at home by providing tips on good oral hygiene, and recommending smart behaviors that help you avoid dental trouble.

People Often Consume More Sugary Treats During The Holiday Season

Desserts and unhealthy meals can be tempting throughout the year, but eating right can be particularly tough during the holidays! With so many special treats available at different gatherings, you may find it hard to stay on your best behavior. Unfortunately, the increase in sugar can lead to an increase in your risk for dental decay. Keep this in mind as you brush and floss each day, as your preventive care routine can be particularly important around the holidays. With that said, you should be aware that imposing limits on what you consume will still be important if you want to avoid receiving a dental filling or dental crown the next time you see the dentist.

Tips To Keep Your Brushing And Flossing Routine Effective

If you have gone an extended period of time without experiencing tooth decay or gingivitis, you can be understandably confident in your oral care routine. However, you should not assume that your routine is flawless – minor mistakes around the holidays can be more costly thanks to the abundance of sweets available to us. Spend at least two minutes brushing your teeth, with an effort on cleaning every area of every tooth at least twice a day. When you floss, move the string up and down in a repeated vertical motion in order to fully dislodge food debris, and clear away bacteria.

We Can Help You Protect Your Smile Through 2020 (And Beyond)

Ultimately, a combination of smart daily behaviors and regular dental care can help you protect your smile through the holidays, and through 2020. If you do not have your next routine dental exam in place, you should make sure to set one. Unless you have been told otherwise, you should have an exam every six months if you want to enjoy the benefits of preventive dental care.

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