Check Out The Gift-Quality Book And Bake Sale!

On Friday, December 6 and Saturday, December 7, families in and around Rochester are invited to a special shopping event hosted by the Rochester Public Library! During this two-day sale, you can find gift-quality books to purchase as gifts…or pick up a few books you would like to read yourself. There will also be an ongoing sale of homemade baked goods – purchases will help support the local library. This is a great chance to support your local community while also taking care of holiday shopping! Enjoying the Christmas season can mean attending multiple fun gatherings. While these can be fun, they can also tempt you with a worrying amount of sweets. Make sure your smile is healthy by scheduling a routine dental exam at our Rochester, MN dental office, and make sure you are maintaining good oral health habits throughout the holiday season!


The Gift-Quality Book And Bake Sale is happening on Friday, December 6 and Saturday, December 7.


This sale is being hosted at the Rochester Public Library, located at 101 2nd Street SE.

Activities Include:

During this special two-day sale, you and your family can enjoy some shopping at the library, and indulge in homemade baked goods! The books being sold can make ideal gifts, and the purchase of baked goods can help you support our library!

For More Information:

To find out more about this upcoming special event, please click here.

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