Month: November 2019

Fitting In Cosmetic Work Before The End Of The Year

With the year so close to its end, you may assume that you are out of time to do something as significant as improve your smile through cosmetic dental work. What you should know is that our Rochester, MN dental practice can help you see meaningful cosmetic improvements in less time than you realize. In… Read more »

How Your Holiday Treats Can Affect Your Smile

It can be incredibly difficult to resist every single holiday treat put in front of you this season. In fact, you may have certain items that you have waited a year to enjoy again! What you should keep in mind is that the more you indulge in holiday treats, the more risk you have for… Read more »

Check Out The Mayowood Mansion Christmas Tour!

From now through Sunday, December 15, the Rochester community will have opportunities to take the special Christmas tour at Mayowood Mansion! Mayowood Mansion is a historic structure built by the Mayo family, one that offers great tours throughout the year. The mansion is specially decorated for the holiday season, and guests can marvel at how… Read more »

Have You Struggled To Address Dental Discoloration?

Knowing that dental discoloration is a common issue does not dismiss the embarrassment a person can feel when they feel their teeth have lost their whiteness. A dull or discolored smile can create feelings of self-consciousness that hurt your overall confidence, and may change the way you interact with others. Instead of hiding your teeth… Read more »

We Can Help You Find Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Smile

At our Rochester, MN dental practice, we are ready to provide important preventive dental care when patients visit us for their routine checkups. During your time in the dentist’s chair, you can receive important services like a professional dental cleaning, and a thorough visual check for any oral health concerns. While the care you receive… Read more »

Make Time For Routine Dental Care Before The Year Ends

There are less than two months left in the year, but you still have time to schedule routine dental care if you are behind on your preventive exams! Patients are advised to arrange preventive appointments every six months. Every visit is important, as you will receive a thorough cleaning of your teeth, and an evaluation… Read more »

Check Out The Gift-Quality Book And Bake Sale!

On Friday, December 6 and Saturday, December 7, families in and around Rochester are invited to a special shopping event hosted by the Rochester Public Library! During this two-day sale, you can find gift-quality books to purchase as gifts…or pick up a few books you would like to read yourself. There will also be an… Read more »

Discreetly Restoring Chipped Or Misshapen Teeth

When a single tooth in your smile appears damaged or misshapen, it can bring down the quality of your smile, and hurt your confidence. For some people, naturally occurring flaws make certain teeth seem out of place, and interfere with the symmetry of their appearance. Other individuals lose confidence in their smile after suffering superficial… Read more »

Take Advantage Of Our Free Cosmetic Consultations!

Correcting a problem with your smile like discoloration, dental wear and tear, or poor alignment can lead to a significant boost in your confidence. While many people have an interest in cosmetic dental work, a lack of information can make them reluctant to look into their treatment options. At our Rochester, MN dental practice, we… Read more »

Worried About Gum Disease? Regular Exams Can Help!

If you have problems with sensitive gums that bleed easily, concerns about your gum line receding, or periodontal tissues that look red or swollen, you should be concerned about gingivitis. Gingivitis is the first stage of an infection that affects your periodontal health. When patients start to experience this problem, an effective response is important…. Read more »