Tips For Responsibly Enjoying Halloween Treats

Halloween encourages us to don fun costumes, lay out spooky decorations, and have fun scaring ourselves with frightening films and stories. Of course, the holiday is also known for bringing plenty of candy into our homes. As nice as it can be to indulge in the occasional sweets, too much candy can leave your smile in need of cavity treatment. At our Rochester, MN dental practice, we regularly encourage good oral care habits, and we can offer smart oral hygiene tips to make the prevention of tooth decay easier. With that said, even people who maintain good habits need to be cautious about what they eat around Halloween if they want to steer clear of cavity trouble.

Put Limits On How Much Halloween Candy The Kids Can Eat Per Day

It is important to set limits on how much candy your kids can eat around Halloween, and to enforce those limits after they come home with their trick-or-treating haul. In addition to putting limits on their daily consumption, you may want to encourage them to hand over some of their candy by offering exchanges – they hand over some of their sweets, and come away with a non-perishable gift. This can encourage trick-or-treating without leaving a large pile of tempting sweets on hand for them to consume.

Drink Plenty Of Water, And Look For Other Sugar Sources To Cut From Your Diet

For kids and parents alike, too much candy can be trouble. When you do snack, having water on hand to drink can help you wash away harmful food particles and protect your teeth. Adding an additional brushing session can also be a good idea when you have Halloween candy to consume.

One thing to consider as your family enjoys Halloween candy is how much sugar you are consuming from products that aren’t treats. This is a good time to drop desserts from the dinner table, and a period when you can benefit from reducing your consumption of sodas and other flavored beverages.

Remember To Focus On Good Oral Hygiene!

If you want to exit the holidays with healthy teeth, and avoid problems that might require dental crowns or tooth-colored fillings, make sure you are taking care of your smile on a daily basis! You should spend two minutes brushing so that you effectively clean every part of your enamel. You should also be mindful of how important it is to floss each day. If sugary bits of candy become stuck between your teeth, your toothbrush can offer limited help in removing them.

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