Restoring Your Smile When Your Tooth Is Injured

If you experience a dental injury, you may be alarmed by the idea that your smile has been permanently altered. If a tooth that is visible when you smile is affected by chips or cracks, your confidence in your appearance can waver in a big way. Our Rochester, MN dental office understands how this experience can alter your self-image, and comfort with the way you look. We provide solutions to problems with dental injuries that restore your smile, so you can regain your confidence after chipping or cracking a tooth. Cosmetic dental procedures often provide conservative solutions to problems with injured teeth. However, if damage is serious enough to affect your oral health, we can provide a lifelike dental crown for support.

A Dental Injury Can Hurt Your Confidence In Your Smile

Just one chipped or cracked tooth can have a meaningful impact on your appearance. You may become embarrassed by your smile, and self-conscious when you think people have noticed your damage. An injury before an important event can be particularly upsetting, as you may worry that damage can ruin those upcoming plans. Through cosmetic treatment, and the use of our single-day dental crowns, we can respond quickly to a problem that hurts your smile!

Restoring Superficial Damage In Order To Improve Your Appearance

Superficial tooth damage may not threaten your oral health, but it can lead to a permanent change in how you look. Through modern cosmetic services, our practice can restore your appearance while doing minimal work on your healthy tooth structure. In fact, we can discuss covering a chip or crack through dental bonding treatment, which makes improvements without the use of permanent restorations. With that said, you also have the option of having a custom porcelain veneer placed to restore a tooth. Veneers are made from durable porcelain material, and they can ensure that your tooth’s appearance is preserved for many years.

Taking Care Of A Serious Tooth Injury With A CEREC Crown

If you have a tooth injury that impacts your ability to bite and chew, we can restore it promptly with a custom dental crown. While other dental offices have to rely on third party labs to craft custom crowns, we can do the work of creating AND placing crowns at our office, thanks to CEREC technology. This technology gives us all of the tools required to measure teeth, design restorations, and even produce them on site.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry To Have Your Smile Restored!

At Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry, we are prepared to restore damaged teeth! We can determine how serious an injury is, and find the fastest and most conservative approach to fully restoring your smile, and protecting damaged enamel. If you wish to schedule a consultation, please call (507) 281-3659.