Celebrate Halloween At The Minnesota Children’s Museum

Rochester families looking for a safe and fun way to celebrate Halloween can enjoy the holiday at the Minnesota Children’s Museum Rochester! The museum will be setting up fun activities for kids to enjoy, including a special scavenger hunt that visitors can join. The Halloween-themed festivities will focus on spooky fun without being scary, and the event’s daylight hours keep your kids free for trick-or-treating in the evening. Halloween can be a great holiday for youngsters, but the abundance of candy can be less than ideal for their smiles. Our Rochester, MN dental practice is ready to provide pediatric dental care for your family. We are also ready to offer general dental checkups for adults, who can also have a hard time staying away from all the candy this season tends to tempt us with.


The Minnesota Children’s Museum Rochester will be hosting Halloween activities for kids from 9 am through 5 pm on Halloween.


The museum is located at 1643 N Broadway, Rochester, MN.


Halloween activities will be included with general admission to the museum.

Activities Include:

During this special event, the Minnesota Children’s Museum Rochester will have a special Halloween-themed scavenger hunt that kids can take part in!

For More Information:

To find out more about this upcoming special event, please click here.

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