Your Normal Breakfast Routine May Be Hurting Your Smile

Your morning routine prepares you for the day ahead. This period of time allows you a few moments to reflect on your responsibilities, enjoy breakfast, and clean your teeth. For early risers and deep sleepers alike, it is important to carve out enough time to brush thoroughly, as the work you put into caring for your smile is important for your long-term dental health. With that said, there is another part of your routine that can have a serious impact on your smile. Your typical breakfast may be loaded with more sugar than you realize. As a result, you can be more likely to have a cavity discovered during your next dental exam! In addition to providing a careful dental cleaning and evaluation, our Rochester, MN dental office is happy to offer tips on better morning habits, so you have less to worry about when it comes to decay!

Are You Consuming Too Much Sugar At The Start Of Your Day?

If you have a weakness for pastries and sugary cereals, you may be making it hard for your smile to stay free of harmful decay. Continuing to enjoy these less healthy items at your kitchen table, or at the office break room, can lead to the placement of dental fillings, or dental crowns, during future dental appointments. Your food choices may not be the only source of cavity trouble you need to concern yourself with – orange juice and other juices can be deceptively high in sugar.

Flavored Coffees Can Be A Problem For Your Teeth

While black coffee is limited in its sugar content, people are sometimes wary of the beverage because of its ability to leave teeth stains behind. You should also think about the impact coffee can have if you prefer flavored drinks. While the menu of your favorite coffee shop might be loaded with complex and interesting coffees, those flavorful concoctions can add a new source of sugar to your daily consumption, meaning they create concerns for your overall dental health.

Changing Your Morning Behaviors For The Better

Making the choice to protect your teeth by eating smarter breakfast foods can be important. Stocking healthy cereals and oatmeal options that are low in sugar can help you, as can waking up in time to prepare a healthy breakfast. You should also make sure you give yourself time to brush for at least two minutes, so you can clear away the bacteria that have built up while you were sleeping. Waking up earlier can be important for this, as you will not be tempted to sprint through brushing so you can leave for work sooner.

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