Can Our Teeth Whitening Agents Help You Brighten Your Smile?

If your smile is currently making you uncomfortable because you feel it has become dull or discolored, you can be eager to see improvements. Unfortunately, you may find that the teeth whitening products available to you at your local grocery store and pharmacy have less impact on the way you look than you hoped, leaving you feeling anxious about your chances for a better smile. Before you give up hope in making your teeth brighter, you can talk to our Rochester, MN dental office about professional teeth whitening treatment. Our approach to brightening your tooth structure can have a significant effect on the way you look, as you can show off a smile that is up to sixteen times brighter than it was before your procedure began!

Our Approach To Teeth Whitening Treatment Can Lead To Dramatic Changes!

At our practice, we can provide both in-office treatments and a take-home kit that you will use on your own. The agents that we rely on for your smile improvements are capable of dealing with the effects of stains that have settled into deeper layers of your enamel – these stains can tend to stick around when you use store bought whitening product. In order to help you maintain your improvements, you can continue to touch up your teeth with a whitening kit we can provide for after your procedure is finished.

Arranging Your Whitening Treatment

Our whitening procedure starts with an in-office session where you will undergo a deep-bleaching treatment. At the end of your appointment, you take home a professional whitening kit to use on a nightly basis. You will come back to us at the end of your daily treatments for one more session in our office. At the end of this final procedure, you can be amazed at how much better your smile looks!

Addressing Discoloration That Is Not Related To Teeth Stains

People who want to fight discoloration may assume that their problem is with teeth stains, only to find that a different problem has impacted the color of their smile. Enamel erosion can make it harder to ignore the off-color dentin material of your tooth, certain medications can interfere with the color of your teeth, and dental injuries can make a tooth’s color differ from its neighbors. In situations like these, we may recommend a different cosmetic dental procedure. You can arrange to have porcelain veneers placed instead, as these custom restorations are able to hide discoloration caused by issues other than stains. If you are unsure what the best approach to caring for your smile might be, we can talk to you about your options during a cosmetic consultation.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Making Your Smile Brighter!

At Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry, we are proud to offer a variety of cosmetic services that can lead to dramatic smile improvements! To schedule a consultation, please call our Rochester, MN dental practice at (507) 281-3659.