Tartar Is A Serious Smile Threat – Here’s How We Can Help

Hopefully, you are staying consistent with daily brushing and flossing behaviors – if you are not, you may already have an issue with tartar. When oral bacteria and food debris build up on teeth, they can form sticky plaque. When you clean your smile, you remove plaque and protect yourself against problems like tooth decay and gum disease. If this substance is left on teeth for too long, deposits can harden to tartar, and remain in place until your next professional dental cleaning. Our Rochester, MN dental practice is prepared to help you deal with plaque through regular teeth cleanings, and we can provide oral hygiene tips that make it easier for you to prevent future accumulations.

The Trouble With Tartar

When plaque hardens to tartar, you are left with a stubborn and harmful substance on your teeth. While you can remove plaque through brushing and flossing, any tartar deposits that you leave behind are going to stay, and continue to put you at risk for cavities and periodontal issues.

Dealing With Tartar During A Routine Dental Cleaning

Our practice provides thorough teeth cleanings during every routine appointment. Why is it so important for patients to receive professional cleanings each time they come in? Tartar can form after a surprisingly short period, so it is possible for new deposits to be present by the time of your next visit. If tartar buildup remains in place, you are more likely to need a dental filling or dental crown. In addition to helping you deal with tartar, cleanings help by keeping you informed about the effectiveness of your daily oral care routine.

Your Oral Health Habits At Home Can Help You Prevent Tartar Formation

Our goal is to help you stay free of harmful issues like tooth decay and gum disease. We do this by carefully evaluating your teeth and gums during a checkup, and by performing regular cleanings. With that said, we want you to be aware of how important smart daily oral care really is to your long term dental health. Because of this, we can take time to talk to you about your current brushing and flossing efforts. With the right improvements, you can put a stop to problems with tartar buildup. We can also discuss other relevant matters, like the role your diet can play in your oral care efforts.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Scheduling Your Dental Cleaning!

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry is proud to help Rochester, MN families keep their teeth in great shape! If you have fallen out of the habit of regular dental exams, you may have issues with tartar accumulation. This can make you vulnerable to problems like tooth decay and gum disease, meaning you may need more than routine treatment at your next visit. To schedule a consultation, please call (507) 281-3659.