A Modern Dental Restoration Can Hide A Crack In Your Tooth

Our Rochester, MN dental office is ready to help you keep your teeth in great shape during every routine dental evaluation. Of course, we understand that sometimes, patients come to us when their teeth are in less than ideal condition! Even a superficial crack in your enamel can be a concern, as it can be an unsightly and embarrassing problem. After evaluating your tooth carefully, we can let you know about your options for cosmetic dental treatment. A dental bonding procedure can lead to coverage for dental damage after just one appointment. This process can restore the look of your tooth, and make sure that it matches its neighbors. If the damage to your tooth structure makes it necessary to provide functional support, we do offer single-visit dental crowns!

Unsightly Dental Damage Can Hurt Your Smile – A Restoration Can Help

Even if it is only a cosmetic problem, it can be difficult living with a visible crack or chip in a tooth. You can feel embarrassed about your appearance, or feel some understandable concern that noticeable dental trauma is affecting how others perceive you. Because of this, we are aware of how important it can be to receive a restoration that can provide lasting support. At our practice, we can talk to you about many different options that you have when you are trying to do something about a noticeable crack, a chip, or any other kind of visible dental damage.

A Dental Bonding Procedure Can Cover Superficial Damage To Your Enamel

Dental bonding work is often provided when minor flaws make a tooth stand out in a person’s smile. The process will see your dentist carefully apply a composite resin material – a substance that is also used to provide tooth-colored fillings – to the surface of your enamel. When applied, the material bonds directly to tooth structure, which can ensure lasting support. The process also makes it possible for us to improve the color of a tooth, or address any issue with its general shape or size, if necessary.

Addressing A More Serious Crack With A Dental Crown

If your crack in your tooth poses a problem for your oral health, more than cosmetic treatment can be appropriate. You can be relieved to learn that restorative work can still produce cosmetic improvements! We use CEREC technology to craft crowns in our office that are the ideal shape, size, and color for your smile. A crown put in place over your injured tooth can make you feel better about the way you look, and it can provide functional protection while you bite and chew.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Restoring Your Cracked Tooth

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry is ready to help you restore your smile if you have an issue with a cracked tooth! We provide a range of services that can restore the way you look, and improve your dental function. To schedule a consultation, please call our Rochester, MN dental practice at (507) 281-3659.