Month: October 2019

Tips For Responsibly Enjoying Halloween Treats

Halloween encourages us to don fun costumes, lay out spooky decorations, and have fun scaring ourselves with frightening films and stories. Of course, the holiday is also known for bringing plenty of candy into our homes. As nice as it can be to indulge in the occasional sweets, too much candy can leave your smile… Read more »

Restoring Your Smile When Your Tooth Is Injured

If you experience a dental injury, you may be alarmed by the idea that your smile has been permanently altered. If a tooth that is visible when you smile is affected by chips or cracks, your confidence in your appearance can waver in a big way. Our Rochester, MN dental office understands how this experience… Read more »

Disappointed By Past Cosmetic Work? Talk To Us!

When we discuss cosmetic dental work with a patient, our goal is to help them see a lasting confidence boost in their appearance by providing superior care. During a cosmetic consultation, we can discuss your options for treatments that minimize changes to your tooth structure while drastically improving the way you look. We also offer… Read more »

Celebrate Halloween At The Minnesota Children’s Museum

Rochester families looking for a safe and fun way to celebrate Halloween can enjoy the holiday at the Minnesota Children’s Museum Rochester! The museum will be setting up fun activities for kids to enjoy, including a special scavenger hunt that visitors can join. The Halloween-themed festivities will focus on spooky fun without being scary, and… Read more »

We Provide Thinner Alternatives To Conventional Veneers

When our Rochester, MN dental practice provides cosmetic dental services to a patient, our goal is to help them see all of their smile improvements while minimizing the changes to their tooth structure. We can accomplish this by taking the time to discussing what you want from your restored smile, and what your options are… Read more »

Can I Have Cosmetic Work Completed Before The Holidays?

When holidays start approaching, you may find yourself adding one event after another to your social calendar. As you start to think about what you can expect during different gatherings, you may find yourself thinking about how you can look your best for the holiday season. If you are worried about your smile, and want… Read more »

Your Normal Breakfast Routine May Be Hurting Your Smile

Your morning routine prepares you for the day ahead. This period of time allows you a few moments to reflect on your responsibilities, enjoy breakfast, and clean your teeth. For early risers and deep sleepers alike, it is important to carve out enough time to brush thoroughly, as the work you put into caring for… Read more »

Take Your Kids On A Trick-Or-Treating Trolley Tour!

On Saturday, October 26, Rochester families have an opportunity to bring their kids to the Trick-Or-Treating Trolley Tour! This special ride will include four different stops in the Rochester area – the trolley will go to the History Center Of Olmsted County, the Rochester YMCA, Sekapp’s Orchard, and Quarry Hill Nature Center. Every stop offers… Read more »

Tempted By Halloween Candy? You Could Hurt Your Smile!

If you want to enjoy a proper Halloween celebration, you can find a great costume, put up festively creepy decorations, and fire up a scary movie. While trick-or-treating and candy are also connected to the holiday, be careful before you indulge freely in sweets. After all, the increase in your daily sugar intake can lead… Read more »

Can Our Teeth Whitening Agents Help You Brighten Your Smile?

If your smile is currently making you uncomfortable because you feel it has become dull or discolored, you can be eager to see improvements. Unfortunately, you may find that the teeth whitening products available to you at your local grocery store and pharmacy have less impact on the way you look than you hoped, leaving… Read more »