Avoiding Teeth Stains After A Whitening Procedure

When you notice a change in your smile color, you may begin to look for solutions. Store bought whitening treatments can have some effect on the way you look, but you may be let down by the overall improvements. Our Rochester, MN dental practice is ready to help you see bigger improvements with a professional teeth whitening treatment. With a combination of in-office treatments, and the use of a take-home kit, we can help you show off a remarkably brighter smile. While this can help you remove the stains that currently affect the way you look, new stains can form, and once again leave your enamel looking discolored. Fortunately, with smart habits, and access to a take-home whitening kit to perform touch-ups on your teeth, you can ensure that your improved smile retains its remarkable appearance!

Can A Teeth Whitening Treatment Keep Stains Off My Teeth?

Our approach to whitening involves both in-office and at-home treatments, and it can make your smile brighter by up to sixteen shades. This significant stain removal can make your teeth whiter than they have been for years, but you should think about how your habits might lead to new stains if you want to preserve your results. You can also maintain improvements with the occasional touch-ups from your take-home whitening supplies.

Be Careful About Beverages And Food Products That Can Stain Teeth

Many popular beverages have a not-so-popular effect of leaving stains behind on teeth. Red wine, coffee, soft drinks, and tea are all potential culprits when a person starts to see their smile become discolored. Dark and color-rich food products can also leave behind particles on your teeth that lead to stubborn stains. Reducing your intake of these products can have important long-term advantages.

It should be noted that acidic products can lead to more smile troubles, even if they do not stain teeth themselves. This is because the acidity of what you enjoy can weaken your enamel, and make you susceptible to discoloration. This effect can also make you more vulnerable to cavities, which can call for treatment with dental fillings or dental crowns.

What If My Smile Color Is Being Affected By Something Other Than Stains?

In some cases, a person who is looking into a procedure to make their smile whiter can learn that they might benefit from something other than a teeth whitening treatment. Enamel erosion, certain medications, and more noticeable cases of fluorosis can lead to discoloration that is not connected to stains. In these situations, it can be appropriate to look into different cosmetic dental treatment options. Your dentist may suggest the use of dental veneers, which can hide these forms of discoloration.

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