Can Dental Bonding Help You Reach Your Smile Goals?

While you may not feel completely comfortable with your smile today, the right cosmetic dental procedure could give you a valuable confidence boost. The different services at our Rochester, MN dental office can make you feel more at ease with your appearance by hiding stains, covering up chips or cracks, or even by dealing with any gaps or overlaps between teeth that affect you. One approach we can take to improving your smile is to provide dental bonding work. This process enables your dentist to cover many different problems without having to place custom restorations on teeth. Instead, a composite resin material is affixed to teeth that have visible problems in order to correct their appearance. We can talk about the benefits for your smile during a complimentary cosmetic consultation, and bring up other options available to you.

Dental Bonding Can Help You Correct Specific Smile Flaws

Dental bonding work makes it possible to cover specific flaws without the need for any custom restorations. What this means is that instead of covering the tooth with a veneer or crown, a resin material coats the tooth in order to hide flaws. This can require less modification of your tooth structure, and feel less intrusive. The resin material is used to produce tooth-colored dental fillings, and it can retain its appearance over many years, even as you continue biting and chewing. This work can be used to cover up chips or cracks, as well as any concerns that a tooth’s color looks out of place.

Undergoing Your Dental Bonding Procedure

Because there is no need for a custom restoration, dental bonding work can be completed in less time than you might expect. Your dentist will apply the resin material carefully in order to improve a tooth’s shape and size – the material can even be counted on to close some smile gaps. Its presence can also ensure the successful coverage of chips and cracks that affect your enamel. After the material is applied, the substance can actually bond with your enamel, producing incredibly durable results.

A Cosmetic Consultation Can Help You Plan Successful Smile Treatment

How can you be sure that a dental bonding treatment is the right one for you? If you have questions, or if you want to know all of your options, you can schedule a free cosmetic consultation to discuss smile improvements with your dentist. After a discussion, you may feel more comfortable receiving porcelain veneers for your smile improvements. Your dentist can also warn you if your tooth needs more than just superficial improvements, and let you know if a dental crown might be more appropriate.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Dental Bonding

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